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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
7001EW7DKEU2016SO LOW 10M25315470.5 
70029W6ZAM9M62012SO LOW 10M2539650.3 
7003JH8FAJ/1JA12011SO LOW 10M25311380.6 
7004YD2UROYB2022SO LOW 10M25210681.8 
7005PU3DRMPY2021SO LOW 10M25219662.8 
7006XE2RVXE2021SO LOW 10M (C)2528570.7 
7007PU2PMPPY2020SO LOW 10M (R)25218773.6 
7008PU2SONPY2019SO LOW 10M25211572.2 
7009PY2RSSPY2017SO LOW 10M (C)25227545.1 
7010SP2RAKSP2015SO LOW 10M2527660.5 
7011DO1PBLDL2012SO LOW 10M2528770.3 
7012PU8PYPY1998SO LOW 10M252757PU8PYK
7013JR4INQJA42017SO LOW 10M25010460.5 
7014NH7PEKH62019SO LOW 10M2479671.1 
7015IT9NANIT92018SO LOW 10M24712673.5 
7016PA2REHPA2018SO LOW 10M247213100.9 
7017CT5KAOCT2013SO LOW 10M2477671.5 
7018KB1DCOW12012SO LOW 10M2477670.3 
7019YO2AQOYO2012SO LOW 10M2477670.3 
7020F1LIIF2014SO LOW 10M24311541.4 
7021JG1SVOJA11991SO LOW 10M242856 
7022PU1VKGPY2016SO LOW 10M24026794.6 
7023SG3OSM2015SO LOW 10M2408781.2SM3AGO 
7024YU4VIPYT2014SO LOW 10M (R)24010570.3 
7025KC9UHHW92012SO LOW 10M2409660.2 
7026FB1OMNF1995SO LOW 10M24010510 
7027KC5DUIW51994SO LOW 10M240955 
7028PU1VKGPY2017SO LOW 10M23824773.2 
7029KA9CBJW91992SO LOW 10M2349716 
7030KO4SGCW42021SO LOW 10M (Y)23111652.3 
7031JF9DSJJA92001SO LOW 10M2311029 
7032JE1HXZJA11994SO LOW 10M2311134 
70339W2GEO9M22014SO LOW 10M22811570.9 
7034TA5IRTA2014SO LOW 10M2289480.7 
7035JA7EDZJA72006SO LOW 10M226946 
7036XV9JM3W2017SO LOW 10M22548231.9 
7037JE8IASJA82014SO LOW 10M22513780.6  
7038PU2NHDPY2022SO LOW 10M224226104.7 
7039RN4AOUA-42020SO LOW 10M224283137.1 
7040KJ4PJUW42011SO LOW 10M22410680.7 
7041TA2TRTA2017SO LOW 10M22112582.0 
7042OL5GOK2022SO LOW 10M (C)21612330.3 
7043K7ULSW72021SO LOW 10M2169661.8 
7044EA7JIKEA2020SO LOW 10M21611451.7 
7045ES5AGPES2000SO LOW 10M21618612 
7046KD0PNHW02013SO LOW 10M (R)21010780.5 
7047W9TTYW92013SO LOW 10M2109370.8 
7048VK6RCVK2014SO LOW 10M2098560.5  
7049JF2WXSJA21997SO LOW 10M209756 
7050YO4GNJYO2011SO LOW 10M20810580.4 
7051PU8TNTPY2010SO LOW 10M20817670.5 
7052PU2PRMPY2020SO LOW 10M (R)20414662.6 
7053IK4VFBI2014SO LOW 10M20412330.8 
70549W2CBL9M22010SO LOW 10M204157100.3 
7055KF4UUIW41998SO LOW 10M204766 
7056PY2MYSPY1998SO LOW 10M2042166 
7057JF2VFNJA22022SO LOW 10M1988451.1 
7058PU2TOLPY2020SO LOW 10M198271084.9 
7059KD2GIYW22016SO LOW 10M (R)1989451.1 
7060DG3DJDL2020SO LOW 10M196144101.1 
7061LU4VILU2018SO LOW 10M19619684.3 
7062LW8EGALU2019SO LOW 10M (R)19517674.5 
7063PU5PLGPY2001SO LOW 10M192948 
7064NH7PEKH62020SO LOW 10M1908551.5 
7065DO1NPXDL2022SO LOW 10M (R)1899451.3 
7066KW4LUW42017SO LOW 10M1899361.1 
7067DL1HLDL2014SO LOW 10M1899541.6 
7068EA1ASGEA2010SO LOW 10M1899340.2 
70697K2PBBJA12001SO LOW 10M187756 
7070VK2FSAVVK2017SO LOW 10M18614333.1 
70719W2OPB9M22016SO LOW 10M18417443.3 
7072LZ2GSLZ2018SO LOW 10M18212681.3 
7073DF7LSDL2005SO LOW 10M1821258 
7074PU2NAXPY2018SO LOW 10M18012551.7 
7075IK4WMHI2014SO LOW 10M18010330.3 
7076SM3CBRSM2014SO LOW 10M1809571.4 
7077YO7HHIYO2005SO LOW 10M180957 
7078PR7KVPY2001SO LOW 10M1801046 
7079PY2DRPY1996SO LOW 10M1802045 
7080IK2MJDI1992SO LOW 10M1801064 
7081EA4HIAEA2022SO LOW 10M176156103.5 
7082DJ6XBDL2000SO LOW 10M176656 
7083KA2BXHW22003SO LOW 10M17514510 
7084PY2PIMPY2020SO LOW 10M17130542.8 
7085KB1DFGW11999SO LOW 10M171845 
7086JA8JTZJA82013SO LOW 10M (C)1707460.6 
7087EC1ALTEA2001SO LOW 10M1691058 
7088PU2PHQPY2021SO LOW 10M16811661.3 
7089RA3XGYUA-32011SO LOW 10M1689660.3 
7090DL8WAA/MDL2006SO LOW 10M1686661.3 
7091SM7ATLSM2006SO LOW 10M16810480.3 
7092W0SMWW02007SO LOW 10M1659560.6 
7093W9CNF/4W41998SO LOW 10M165656 
7094TA3IUYTA2019SO LOW 10M1626360.8 
7095UX0UWUR2011SO LOW 10M16215331.3@VE6JY
7096XE2RVXE2011SO LOW 10M1629540.2 
7097OE5FDMOE2022SO LOW 10M1606550.3 
7098SP2TQQSP2019SO LOW 10M16020267.8 
70999W2OPB9M22018SO LOW 10M16020551.8 
7100CE3TMMCE2019SO LOW 10M (C)15623662.9 
7430 results found
  Page 71 of 75  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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