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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5401YU5TYT2018SO LOW 20M (C)408280.4 
5402OE1XRKOE2015SO LOW 20M405350.3OE1RXW
5403AG6RXW62014SO LOW 20M4011532.0 
5404EA3HPMEA2013SO LOW 20M (R)40177132.5 
5405YU5TYT2022SO LOW 20M39113100.7 
5406BH2VPVBY2022SO LOW 20M3610331.2 
5407W5LMOW52022SO LOW 20M (R)367330.4 
5408KW4GFW42021SO LOW 20M363220.5 
54097K1JFMJA12020SO LOW 20M364330.3 
5410KI7NW72020SO LOW 20M364220.6 
5411KC1JTSW12019SO LOW 20M363330.3 
5412VU2TOVU2019SO LOW 20M (C)366330.7 
5413KV4UVW42015SO LOW 20M (R)363220.3  
5414KC6ZZTW62007SO LOW 20M364220.1 
5415WD9DCWW92005SO LOW 20M36412 
54164I1MVIDU2022SO LOW 20M (C)359341.6 
5417DF2ETDL2021SO LOW 20M357141.4 
5418YO5MCM/PYO2021SO LOW 20M355250.3  
5419F4HKHF2019SO LOW 20M355340.9 
5420ON6NCON2019SO LOW 20M357250.7 
5421JA7GFJJA72018SO LOW 20M (C)353230.1 
5422DL6MJDL2015SO LOW 20M (R)355340.5 
5423ZS6SVJZS2015SO LOW 20M353230.4 
5424F4HSXF2020SO LOW 20M326350.4 
5425K2YRW22020SO LOW 20M323220.1 
5426AD6ADW62021SO LOW 20M304230.3 
5427JG1GCOJA12021SO LOW 20M304120.1 
5428KF7OJAW72021SO LOW 20M305331.7 
5429VU3LMSVU2021SO LOW 20M (C)303330.6 
5430JJ1ONKJA12020SO LOW 20M303330.3 
5431N1YEEW22019SO LOW 20M303330.1  
5432JQ2OULJA22018SO LOW 20M304230.2 
5433K9EMFW92018SO LOW 20M303330.7 
5434N1DCHW12018SO LOW 20M (R)304330.8 
5435SO5MKSP2018SO LOW 20M (R)305240.2 
5436OE8CLROE2011SO LOW 20M303330.2 
5437BG5UQBY2009SO LOW 20M30433 
5438SP4KZSP2020SO LOW 20M (R)286250.6 
5439K9QCAW92016SO LOW 20M285430.7  
5440BG2IOFBY2008SO LOW 20M2814110.1 
5441KB5SFLW52018SO LOW 20M278540.9  
5442TF8HPTF2014SO LOW 20M277360.5 
5443KG7KSBW82019SO LOW 20M253230.5 
5444CT1ENICT2022SO LOW 20M242220.5  
5445AC0MW02021SO LOW 20M244221.0 
5446IZ2GMTI2021SO LOW 20M242220.1  
5447JE8UHYJA82020SO LOW 20M (C)244220.4 
5448PY4KSPY2020SO LOW 20M244331.4 
5449AI6MWW62019SO LOW 20M243220.7 
5450F4HZTF2019SO LOW 20M246240.8  
5451OH4EBDOH2019SO LOW 20M242220.2 
5452AI6JBW62018SO LOW 20M24222 
5453KG7SWDW72018SO LOW 20M246441.7  
5454KX4LLW42018SO LOW 20M (R)2411662.3 
5455BX6ADBV2016SO LOW 20M24222 
5456TA4ACMTA2016SO LOW 20M242220.1 
5457UA4QKUA-42016SO LOW 20M244240.5 
5458DJ1YFKDL2015SO LOW 20M244240.1 
5459ZS2VRZS2014SO LOW 20M (R)242220.6 
5460SP7SZCSP2011SO LOW 20M24222 
5461N7VTDW72010SO LOW 20M24322 
5462VA3FNVE32010SO LOW 20M244330.1 
5463IK2RTKI2008SO LOW 20M24222 
5464WB1KE/7W72016SO LOW 20M (R)2111431.5 
5465IZ4AGCI2021SO LOW 20M204231.0 
5466KF6EFGW92021SO LOW 20M202220.3 
5467VE9JKKVE92021SO LOW 20M202220.1 
5468W7DBAW72019SO LOW 20M202220.1 
5469KW4TOW42018SO LOW 20M202220.2  
5470F3WTF2016SO LOW 20M204140.3 
5471BD3RQBY2010SO LOW 20M20322 
5472N9HDE/0W02009SO LOW 20M202220.1 
5473NQ4KW42004SO LOW 20M20222 
5474VK5UEVK2022SO LOW 20M (C)184330.4 
5475VE7WAJVE72019SO LOW 20M183210.1 
5476YB3KKYB2018SO LOW 20M183330.5 
5477TA4ABRTA2016SO LOW 20M182120.2 
5478ZS2VRZS2016SO LOW 20M (C)183330.2 
5479VK6ASVK2015SO LOW 20M183330.2 
5480BH4TIHBY2022SO LOW 20M (C)1614223.8 
5481BI1LGPBY2022SO LOW 20M166441.8 
5482A65GTA62021SO LOW 20M (C)162220.34G1QAZ
5483BI3SUNBY2020SO LOW 20M162220.4 
5484VU2NSLVU2018SO LOW 20M16222 
5485JM7WWHJA72017SO LOW 20M (C)162220.2 
5486PA3ANNPA2013SO LOW 20M (C)162220.1 
5487EX/ZR6AJZEX2012SO LOW 20M162220.3 
5488KI4EBDW42009SO LOW 20M16222 
5489BG3GTQBY2008SO LOW 20M16422 
5490VA3NOEVE32004SO LOW 20M16222 
5491BH1IZQBY2020SO LOW 20M (R)155230.9 
5492KC4CRW72020SO LOW 20M154320.8 
5493R9OO/9UA92018SO LOW 20M15332 
5494TA4APRTA2018SO LOW 20M153230.1 
5495PT8CWAPY2006SO LOW 20M153230.1 
5496K6MUGW62019SO LOW 20M (C)147431.1 
5497BH8MSABY2022SO LOW 20M123220.1 
5498K2JFW22022SO LOW 20M (C)12211 
5499WA2WZTW22022SO LOW 20M122220.1 
5500AJ0WW02020SO LOW 20M122220.1 
5598 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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