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5284 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4901WO9IW92011SO LOW ALL1,1312411181.1 
4902N9GBBW91995SO LOW 20M1,127201013 
4903WR9YW92008SO LOW ALL1,1182913131.0 
4904KB9LYBW92018SO LOW ALL1,1101614163.5  
4905WD9EW92010SO LOW ALL1,1103313171.2 
4906WB9BSHW91970SO HIGH 15M1,104231113  
4907WA9NJBW91991SO LOW 10M1,10420914 
4908W9NWYW91994SO LOW 10M1,10223514 
4909N9BTW92018SA LOW ALL1,1002210124.2 
4910WD9AZBW92021SO HIGH ALL (C)1,100216162.4 
4911WB9LPWW92010SO LOW ALL1,0811812110.7 
4912KA9FOXW92017SA HIGH ALL1,0801710171.8 
4913KA9GDWW92018SA LOW ALL1,0801810141.9 
4914KD9KNJW92019SO LOW ALL1,080219186.5 
4915K9BOOW92015SO LOW ALL1,0801613141.9 
4916KM9MW92013SA HIGH ALL1,0751610151.7 
4917W9ABAW91952SO HIGH ALL1,073 1118  
4918W9UEMW91958SO HIGH 10M1,07118813  
4919K2AAW/9W92006SO HIGH ALL1,056207151.3 
4920N9JTBW92016SO LOW ALL1,0503016262.5 
4921KD9LONW92021SO LOW ALL (R)1,0442113163.3 
4922KC9WOMW92020SO LOW ALL1,0402011152.8KC9W0M
4923N9WEWW92018SO LOW ALL1,040199171.8  
4924AF9JW92011SO QRP ALL1,0402714121.0 
4925W8FR/9W91983SO HIGH 160M1,03732710 
4926K9ESW92010SO LOW ALL1,0262011160.8 
4927AC9KQW92017SA LOW ALL1,0202312182.3  
4928KD9EJW91983SO HIGH ALL1,01219815 
4929W9SUNW92020SO LOW ALL1,0122212113.7 
4930K9JIGW92012SO LOW ALL1,0121912110.7 
4931KB9SW92020SA HIGH ALL1,0081712120.5 
4932K9MCKW92016SA LOW 10M1,008266185.0 
4933KD9MGZW92022SO LOW ALL1,0082412163.0 
4934N9REPW92020SO LOW ALL1,000281194.4 
4935AC9QMW92018SO LOW ALL9902315183.5 
4936WB9NOOW92018SO LOW ALL990179131.4 
4937W9SESW91948SO HIGH ALL989     
4938W9EZDW91951SO HIGH 20M975 1114  
4939K9BQLW91971SO HIGH ALL972221214  
4940KD9GNW92022SO LOW ALL (C)9521612162.3 
4941W9AVOW91960SO HIGH 10M95020916  
4942KA9FAJW91997SO LOW ALL946191210 
4943AF9JW92016SO QRP ALL946198142.1 
4944N9OQCW92021SO LOW ALL9301716142.6 
4945KC9WOMW92019SA LOW ALL9282111183.9 
4946KU9EW91988SO HIGH 10M92417715 
4947K9QHW92009SO LOW ALL9182412150.6 
4948WB9QIZW91978SO HIGH ALL912141014 
4949AF9JW92007SO QRP ALL89323910 
4950K9ACMW92020SA LOW ALL8883113112.8 
4951W9JAW92020SO HIGH 20M8883011135.0 
4952KC9OYEW92019SA HIGH ALL8751512135.5 
4953N9MTW92022SO LOW ALL8682215161.1 
4954KC6VMM/9W92002SO LOW ALL864362325 
4955K0PJ/9W92012SO HIGH 40M840158126.7 
4956WF9UW92022SO LOW ALL8372115162.2 
4957K9UWAW91976SO HIGH 160M81723613 
4958AJ9CW92012SO LOW 40M817166130.5 
4959N3BXY/9W92014SO LOW ALL8002213195.3 
4960WA9TZEW91987SO HIGH 20M782151112 
4961W9SEW92021SO HIGH 10M777169120.8 
4962WG9LW92018SO LOW 20M (C)765175121.4 
4963K9XBW92022SO QRP ALL7541711152.4 
4964W9VWW92005SO LOW 160M7522579W9IND
4965KA9EAKW92017SA HIGH ALL7501512131.6 
4966K9GDFW91981SO HIGH ALL748131012 
4967KD9ACW92006SO LOW ALL735149122.9 
4968W9GRSW92018MULTI-ONE LOW6932811102.0W9KVR KC9HHT
4969W9SZRW91962SO HIGH ALL693141110  
4970W9UKGW91954SO HIGH 20M667     
4971K9HMXW92018SO LOW 20M665138111.5 
4972KK9VW92009SA HIGH 10M66320674.9 
4973K9ELFW92020SO LOW ALL6601310101.1 
4974K9IDQW92020SO HIGH 80M (C)65820681.9 
4975W9EXYW91949SO HIGH 10M651     
4976W9TCW92019SO HIGH ALL651157141.0 
4977KD9SAWW92022SA LOW ALL6501411141.8 
4978WA9FTSW91965SO HIGH 20M6401588  
4979K9JUW92012SO LOW 15M64015790.8 
4980KU9VW92014SO LOW ALL640159113.2 
4981AC9HQW92018SO LOW ALL6381310120.5 
4982KA9MOTW92018SO LOW ALL630167141.8 
4983N9YKW92017SA HIGH ALL627148112.9  
4984NM9OW92013SA LOW ALL6251412131.5  
4985WB9EDLW92019SO LOW ALL (C)6242010143.4  
4986N9SXFW92020SO LOW 15M6213010136.9 
4987KC9GHAW92020SO LOW 40M61122762.3 
4988WB8RFB/9W92015SO LOW ALL5981211120.5 
4989W9BWMW91951SO HIGH 10M588 1011  
4990W9VTVW91958SO HIGH 10M58513312  
4991K9ZJVW91963SO HIGH 20M5761999  
4992W9BLPW92018SO LOW 15M570147120.7 
4993K9TCDW92007SO LOW ALL5601210100.5 
4994KC9YLW92019SA LOW ALL5521413101.0 
4995WD9DYRW91984SO HIGH ALL55112811 
4996KD9EYWW92019SO LOW ALL551129103.9 
4997W8FR/9W91982SO HIGH 160M5502756 
4998K9KDIW91968SO HIGH 10M5401539  
4999NV9XW92021SO LOW ALL540119110.7 
5000WI9TOMW92003SO LOW ALL54018614 
5284 results found
  Page 50 of 53  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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