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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4901N9TNTW92019SO LOW ALL (R)24710 0.8 wallpaper
4902KM7N/9W92016SO QRP 15M24711 3.1 wallpaper
4903KC9UHHW92012SO LOW 10M2400.2 wallpaper
4904K9SGBW92015SO LOW 20M (R)24010 1.5 wallpaper
4905KC9YLW92020SO LOW ALL (C)2400.4 wallpaper
4906WT0E/9W92016SO LOW ALL2401.2 wallpaper
4907KC9PXZW92012SO LOW ALL23813 0.4 wallpaper
4908W9YCVW91982SO HIGH ALL23411  wallpaper
4909KA9CBJW91992SO LOW 10M23416  wallpaper
4910NB9KW91986SO HIGH ALL228 wallpaper
4911KE0LW92018SO LOW 40M (C)2280.3 wallpaper
4912N9TCW92016SO LOW ALL22512 1.3  
4913N9MSW92018SA HIGH ALL2210.7 wallpaper
4914KB9FDXW92018SA LOW ALL2203.3 wallpaper
4915KA9OBZW92010SO LOW ALL220 wallpaper
4916W9SEW92019SO HIGH 10M2161.5 wallpaper
4917K9UQNW91994SO HIGH 15M216 wallpaper
4918W9TTYW92013SO LOW 10M2100.8 wallpaper
4919W9SEW92017SO HIGH 160M20711 3.0 wallpaper
4920N9XAUW92006SO LOW ALL20120  wallpaper
4921K9HMXW92017SO LOW ALL1981.0 wallpaper
4922W3ZAPW92021SO LOW ALL (C)19612 2.5 wallpaper
4923KD9EBSW92019SO LOW ALL1962.3 wallpaper
4924K9DWGW91962SO HIGH 20M192  
4925KD9HJRW92020SO LOW ALL19219 5.9 wallpaper
4926K9STTW92018SO LOW ALL18716 4.9  
4927KB8AC/9W91983SO HIGH 160M18013  wallpaper
4928W9BAHW91988SO HIGH 20M180 wallpaper
4929NN9CW92020SO HIGH ALL18017 2.1 wallpaper
4930K9AWMW92016SO LOW 40M1801.1 wallpaper
4931KA9OBZW92009SO LOW ALL1800.4 wallpaper
4932WO9SW92010SO HIGH 160M16817 0.9 wallpaper
4933W9RNW92020SO HIGH 40M1621.1 wallpaper
4934WA9LJKW92018SO HIGH ALL1502.0 wallpaper
4935KA9FOXW92015SA HIGH ALL144 wallpaper
4936KC9KIOW92007SO LOW ALL1440.2 wallpaper
4937KM9MW92012SA HIGH ALL1430.4 wallpaper
4938KA9CBJW92005SO LOW 20M135 wallpaper
4939KD9EBSW92020SO LOW 20M13010 2.1 wallpaper
4940W9JGHW92020SO LOW ALL13015 2.2  
4941K9SOUW92017SA LOW ALL1170.4 wallpaper
4942W9KVRW92019SA LOW 80M1121.5 wallpaper
4943WB8BZKW92018SO LOW 160M11210 1.8 wallpaper
4944AB9CDW92021SO LOW ALL1121.4  
4945KD9KMFW92021SO LOW ALL1120.8 wallpaper
4946KF6EFGW92018SO LOW ALL1121.7 wallpaper
4947KS9ZW91983SO HIGH 160M110 wallpaper
4948W9PNEW91964SO HIGH 80M110  
4949N7GVVW92019SO LOW ALL1100.5 wallpaper
4950KA9OBZW92005SO LOW ALL108 wallpaper
4951K9QLCW92008SA HIGH ALL10043 22 23 2.7 wallpaper
4952KA9CBJW92000SO LOW 10M100 wallpaper
4953N9ALCW92000SO LOW 10M100 wallpaper
4954K9RIMW92007SO LOW 20M10044 11 24 2.9 wallpaper
4955K9OWQW92007SO LOW ALL1000.6 wallpaper
4956WD9GHKW92007SO LOW ALL1000.1 wallpaper
4957K9DXRW92005SO QRP ALL100356 85 215  wallpaper
4958KD9FSQW92018SA LOW 20M990.8 wallpaper
4959KC9NBEW92009SO LOW ALL990.5 wallpaper
4960WB9AYWW92017SO QRP 15M982.0 wallpaper
4961W9HCXW91955SO HIGH 15M88  
4962W9PNGW92013SO LOW ALL841.5 wallpaper
4963W9PNEW91954SO HIGH 20M81        
4964NV9XW92015SO LOW ALL800.4 wallpaper
4965N9VNW92008SO LOW ALL77 wallpaper
4966WU9DW92015SA LOW 40M720.4 wallpaper
4967KC9PKFW92018SA LOW ALL720.2 wallpaper
4968K9GDFW91983SO HIGH 20M72 wallpaper
4969WZ9OW92020SO LOW ALL720.1 wallpaper
4970WB9CHYW92009SO LOW ALL72 wallpaper
4971KA9KQHW92020SO LOW 20M7012 1.6 wallpaper
4972KO9AW92007SO QRP 20M70 wallpaper
4973KC9ZDAW92017SA LOW 20M66 wallpaper
4974KC9BGW92018SA HIGH 80M641.5  
4975KC9ACLW92020SO LOW ALL501.5 wallpaper
4976KD9LSVW92020SA LOW 40M481.1 wallpaper
4977AC9GKW92014SA LOW 80M4813 3.1 wallpaper
4978W9LYAW92006SO LOW 160M481.0 wallpaper
4979W9QLW92016SO LOW ALL480.1 wallpaper
4980WB9CHYW92012SO LOW ALL480.4 wallpaper
4981KC9GHQW92011SO LOW ALL480.1 wallpaper
4982KC9YLW92021SO LOW 40M450.2 wallpaper
4983K9SOUW92016SA LOW ALL401.1WB9VPGwallpaper
4984WB9BSHW91975SO HIGH 15M40  
4985KB9ORAW92015SA LOW 20M360.3 wallpaper
4986WD9DCWW92005SO LOW 20M36 wallpaper
4987KC9BGW92019SA HIGH 20M350.1  
4988KC9VYXW92016SO LOW 40M351.0 wallpaper
4989KC9YDNW92014SO QRP 10M351.0 wallpaper
4990N9GGOW92004SO LOW ALL33 wallpaper
4991K9EMFW92018SO LOW 20M300.7 wallpaper
4992N9WKUW92017SO LOW 40M300.8 wallpaper
4993K9QCAW92016SO LOW 20M280.7  
4994KF6EFGW92019SO LOW ALL2718 12 15 4.4 wallpaper
4995W9BZBW91949SO HIGH 10M24        
4996WA9MCW92016SO LOW 15M240.3 wallpaper
4997KD9OAZW92019SO LOW 40M (R)240.8 wallpaper
4998AA9SDW92014SO LOW ALL (R)24 wallpaper
4999W9ILYW92018SA HIGH 20M200.1 wallpaper
5000KC9BKSW92021SO LOW 10M200.2 wallpaper
5090 results found
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