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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
3501GM8OFQ/MMMM2017SO HIGH 40M15611 1.6  
3502Y25MODM1988SO HIGH 40M15614 10  wallpaper
3503YV5AVAYV1962SO HIGH 40M156  
3504JF2LTHJA21988SO HIGH 40M150 wallpaper
3505W7JLUW71953SO HIGH 40M150        
3506AA4WXW41998SO HIGH 40M144 wallpaper
3507UA6ARXUA-61983SO HIGH 40M14311  wallpaper
3508LA1RNLA1974SO HIGH 40M14012   
3509DM2CXNDL1970SO HIGH 40M13617   
3510JA2ESRJA21995SO HIGH 40M135 wallpaper
3511Y46XFDM1985SO HIGH 40M13211  wallpaper
3512DM2CMFDM1973SO HIGH 40M13212   
3513JA2BEYJA21986SO HIGH 40M130 wallpaper
3514W1APAW11955SO HIGH 40M130  
3515W5KIW52019SO HIGH 40M1260.3 wallpaper
3516PY3PCPY2011SO HIGH 40M12632 1.4 wallpaper
3517SM0OYSM1971SO HIGH 40M12111   
3518I0BYRI2018SO HIGH 40M1200.2 wallpaper
3519VK2KJJVK2010SO HIGH 40M1200.2 wallpaper
3520JF2LTHJA21989SO HIGH 40M120 wallpaper
3521YO3JUYO1963SO HIGH 40M12014   
3522AB2ULW22019SO HIGH 40M1170.6  
3523NX4NW42018SO HIGH 40M1120.1 wallpaper
3524LZ2KRZLZ1963SO HIGH 40M10813   
3525K9TTT/8W82003SO HIGH 40M10022 10 15  wallpaper
3526YF9BBOYB2021SO HIGH 40M992.1 wallpaper
3527WA4YJBW42018SO HIGH 40M9910 0.8  
3528UL7TTUN1985SO HIGH 40M99 wallpaper
3529RW4MUA-42018SO HIGH 40M960.1 wallpaper
3530MM0CEZGM2017SO HIGH 40M9614 11 0.8  
3531JA0GZJA01990SO HIGH 40M96 wallpaper
3532YB9WAYB2019SO HIGH 40M880.5 wallpaper
3533EA6ABKEA62001SO HIGH 40M88 wallpaper
3534XE2ICS/MXE1972SO HIGH 40M84  
3535JA1AATJA11956SO HIGH 40M84  
3536JH6NBWJA61983SO HIGH 40M81 wallpaper
3537YB3VYYB2017SO HIGH 40M (C)800.6 wallpaper
3538AF6RTW62009SO HIGH 40M80 wallpaper
3539HK3DDDHK1977SO HIGH 40M80 wallpaper
3540YC2CUSYB2019SO HIGH 40M7821 2.2 wallpaper
3541JA0HYUJA01978SO HIGH 40M75 wallpaper
3542JA1EFJA11954SO HIGH 40M75        
3543ZL1HYZL1951SO HIGH 40M75    
3544VU2MTTVU2016SO HIGH 40M720.5 wallpaper
3545JA1QIJA11955SO HIGH 40M72  
3546JH9URTJA91996SO HIGH 40M70 wallpaper
3547UC2KGDEU1964SO HIGH 40M7010   
3548W1WMHW11968SO HIGH 40M64  
3549SP8AJKSP1963SO HIGH 40M63  
3550JJ2RONJA22012SO HIGH 40M600.2  
3551JA4BXUJA42009SO HIGH 40M600.1 wallpaper
3552YC5DDEYB2019SO HIGH 40M5618 5.7 wallpaper
3553JF2LTHJA21987SO HIGH 40M56 wallpaper
3554PA0EEMPA1952SO HIGH 40M56    
3555CX5BDECX2018SO HIGH 40M5410 2.0 wallpaper
3556CE7LLCE1982SO HIGH 40M54 wallpaper
3557JA2YDKJA21972SO HIGH 40M52  
3558KJ4CNNW42014SO HIGH 40M (C)481.0 wallpaper
3559W3FQEW31984SO HIGH 40M48 wallpaper
3560YF3CXBYB2017SO HIGH 40M (C)452.4  
3561JA8MXCJA82012SO HIGH 40M450.1 wallpaper
3562Y37KMDL1990SO HIGH 40M45 wallpaper
3563K4MSHW42009SO HIGH 40M420.2 wallpaper
3564DK6PYDL1980SO HIGH 40M42 wallpaper
3565JA1KXTJA11977SO HIGH 40M42 wallpaper
3566UA3XAWUA-31976SO HIGH 40M42 wallpaper
3567KC3AEDW32013SO HIGH 40M4010 1.7 wallpaper
3568UB5MDDUR1977SO HIGH 40M40139 27  wallpaper
3569JR2ALAJA22020SO HIGH 40M361.1 wallpaper
3570SP2GUBSP1975SO HIGH 40M36  
3571JA7IJJA71959SO HIGH 40M36  
3572JA1VPJA11956SO HIGH 40M36  
3573DM2DLEDM1977SO HIGH 40M35 wallpaper
3574JA4FJLJA42015SO HIGH 40M320.6 wallpaper
3575DM5MLDL2020SO HIGH 40M300.2 wallpaper
3576RW0BGUA02016SO HIGH 40M301.2 wallpaper
3577CT1DRCCT1986SO HIGH 40M30 wallpaper
3578JA0RFFJA01986SO HIGH 40M30 wallpaper
3579JH2EXRJA21973SO HIGH 40M30  
3580JH3BJN/4JA41975SO HIGH 40M28  
3581IU3EESI2017SO HIGH 40M (C)240.7  
3582KD0QGW02019SO HIGH 40M (C)180.8 wallpaper
3583JA1PIGJA12018SO HIGH 40M180.2 wallpaper
3584JA6GGDJA61983SO HIGH 40M18 wallpaper
3585YC7IZJYB2020SO HIGH 40M1621 0.9 wallpaper
3586SM7AKOSM1952SO HIGH 40M16    
3587YC8FXIYB2019SO HIGH 40M1510 0.5 wallpaper
3588NT0Y/4W42009SO HIGH 40M15 wallpaper
3589UA3KBOUA-31966SO HIGH 40M15198 16 43   
3590AD8J/KH6KH61983SO HIGH 40M12 wallpaper
3591YB3DXGYB2019SO HIGH 40M90.3 wallpaper
3592N4ZEDW42021SO HIGH 40M60.1 wallpaper
3593KM6GW62018SO HIGH 40M (C)6 wallpaper
3594PV8ADIPY2012SO HIGH 40M60.2 wallpaper
3595SP2FAPSP2011SO HIGH 40M6 wallpaper
3596JA2AIRJA21972SO HIGH 40M6  
3597JA3KEVJA31965SO HIGH 40M6  
3598JA1JRSJA12017SO HIGH 40M2 wallpaper
3599VP8NXVP81975SO HIGH 40M2  
3600YC1RYJYB2021SO HIGH 40M017 1.7 wallpaper
3600 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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