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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
2601YD1EAVYB2014SO LOW 40M (C)13015 1.8 wallpaper
2602UR5ZLKUR2010SO LOW 40M130 wallpaper
2603PY2WLYPY2008SO LOW 40M13012 0.4 wallpaper
2604PD9YLPA2019SO LOW 40M12610 10 0.3 wallpaper
2605SD1ASM2018SO LOW 40M (C)12613 11 0.2SM1TDEwallpaper
2606DL8WAADL2004SO LOW 40M12614 12  wallpaper
2607YD9BSXYB2021SO LOW 40M (R)1213.3 wallpaper
2608TA1ASATA12016SO LOW 40M1210.6  
2609DL/E71DXDL2009SO LOW 40M12111 0.4 wallpaper
2610EW8GEU2020SO LOW 40M12012 1.1 wallpaper
2611JE6KFNJA62020SO LOW 40M1200.8 wallpaper
2612YB4IWSYB2020SO LOW 40M1200.9 wallpaper
2613CM7NOCM2003SO LOW 40M12055 12 28  wallpaper
26149W2ZOW9M22017SO LOW 40M11917 2.5 wallpaper
2615CA2CFKCE2021SO LOW 40M11727 4.5 wallpaper
2616KG7SNEW72015SO LOW 40M (R)1170.8 wallpaper
2617YD1RKTYB2019SO LOW 40M (R)11217 3.0 wallpaper
2618YC8BJK/9YB2018SO LOW 40M11211 1.8 wallpaper
2619YD0RXA/5YB2017SO LOW 40M (R)11212 1.2 wallpaper
2620YY4GORYV2015SO LOW 40M (C)11212 3.2 wallpaper
2621SM3AGOSM2006SO LOW 40M11213 11 1.0 wallpaper
2622YC9CYNYB2021SO LOW 40M11013 1.6 wallpaper
2623YG9VSKYB2019SO LOW 40M (R)1101.4 wallpaper
2624YC2UAYB2013SO LOW 40M1102.1 wallpaper
2625PA0RRSPA2005SO LOW 40M110 wallpaper
2626R5DFUA-32020SO LOW 40M1080.7  
2627YD1KZPYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)10826 4.8 wallpaper
2628YD6ROAYB2019SO LOW 40M10829 11 7.2 wallpaper
2629SQ5NPXSP2017SO LOW 40M (C)10810 1.9 wallpaper
2630YD1FZKYB2017SO LOW 40M (C)1081.2 wallpaper
2631YC7UBKYB2019SO LOW 40M (R)10525 6.6 wallpaper
2632YG3EOQYB2019SO LOW 40M (R)10514 1.6 wallpaper
2633IU4FKRI2015SO LOW 40M10210 1.5 wallpaper
26349W2MWZ9M22017SO LOW 40M10022 5.4 wallpaper
2635XE2ANTXE2009SO LOW 40M10011 0.4 wallpaper
2636KC8URW82007SO LOW 40M1000.2 wallpaper
2637UR4MKIUR2006SO LOW 40M10034 25 33.4 wallpaper
2638DK2ADL2005SO LOW 40M10011 10 DL8NCRwallpaper
2639PY5TJPY2001SO LOW 40M10016  wallpaper
2640S53TS51999SO LOW 40M100807 23 86 S57CQwallpaper
2641K6DWDW62020SO LOW 40M9911 2.5 wallpaper
2642LU9LZRLU2020SO LOW 40M9911 3.4 wallpaper
2643DM9MBDL2018SO LOW 40M (R)9910 1.2 wallpaper
2644KC3KBEW32018SO LOW 40M (R)9910 1.8 wallpaper
2645YD3NPQYB2016SO LOW 40M992.2 wallpaper
2646JR1TMIJA11998SO LOW 40M9911  wallpaper
2647YD2DOPYB2020SO LOW 40M (C)9826 1.6 wallpaper
26489W6MOZ9M62017SO LOW 40M9825 4.5 wallpaper
2649YC0DMSYB2021SO LOW 40M9611 1.6 wallpaper
2650JA6YBRJA62020SO LOW 40M962.0JE6LNTwallpaper
2651R0CBMRA02019SO LOW 40M (C)9614 3.1 wallpaper
2652SP6RTXSP2019SO LOW 40M9610 0.8 wallpaper
2653DG1YHPDL2018SO LOW 40M9612 0.8 wallpaper
2654YC8VSRYB2018SO LOW 40M9620 4.4 wallpaper
2655YD8VHSYB2015SO LOW 40M (R)9610 3.4 wallpaper
2656YC7WHVYB2021SO LOW 40M9118 4.4 wallpaper
2657W6ESLW62019SO LOW 40M910.3 wallpaper
2658YD2LLCYB2017SO LOW 40M9133 6.7 wallpaper
2659DH1OLDL2021SO LOW 40M9011 0.5 wallpaper
2660BA4SCPBY2019SO LOW 40M900.9 wallpaper
2661JF2FIUJA22014SO LOW 40M900.4 wallpaper
2662WS6TW62012SO LOW 40M900.5 wallpaper
2663PY6KYPY2005SO LOW 40M90 wallpaper
2664EA5DITEA2006SO LOW 40M89 wallpaper
26652E0EJZG2018SO LOW 40M882.0 wallpaper
26669W2ZKU9M22017SO LOW 40M881.6 wallpaper
2667EB4CMSEA2017SO LOW 40M (C)8819 16 5.2 wallpaper
2668W1WMHW11995SO LOW 40M88 wallpaper
2669YD1AKMYB2020SO LOW 40M8410 0.6 wallpaper
2670YC4JOYYB2019SO LOW 40M8411 1.3 wallpaper
26719W6MM9M62018SO LOW 40M810.6 wallpaper
2672SQ7KVBSP2017SO LOW 40M (C)810.3 wallpaper
2673YC1HWNYB2017SO LOW 40M8027 5.4 wallpaper
2674VK2WLSVK2013SO LOW 40M800.6 wallpaper
2675M0DNYG2011SO LOW 40M800.1 wallpaper
2676PY2TIPY1998SO LOW 40M80 wallpaper
2677CT1JQCCT2020SO LOW 40M7810 2.3 wallpaper
2678WV8TGW32019SO LOW 40M7813 3.0 wallpaper
2679YY5EIEYV2020SO LOW 40M (R)771.9 wallpaper
2680YD7MHZYB2018SO LOW 40M (C)770.7 wallpaper
2681YC3RWTYB2017SO LOW 40M7711 2.1 wallpaper
26829M8MON9M62016SO LOW 40M770.7 wallpaper
2683DV7DRPDU2015SO LOW 40M770.7 wallpaper
2684YG3DKBYB2018SO LOW 40M (R)7466 15 22 9.3 wallpaper
2685S56MHS52021SO LOW 40M7224 14 2.8 wallpaper
2686YD3BFVYB2021SO LOW 40M (R)723.5 wallpaper
2687YD3CQXYB2021SO LOW 40M722.1 wallpaper
2688IU5GBQI2020SO LOW 40M7210 0.4  
2689TA2DXTA2016SO LOW 40M720.2 wallpaper
2690YC8VITYB2015SO LOW 40M720.7 wallpaper
2691LA6BNALA2013SO LOW 40M720.6 wallpaper
2692K6WAOW62011SO LOW 40M720.1 wallpaper
2693UU2CWUR2010SO LOW 40M720.4 wallpaper
2694LA5FHLA2009SO LOW 40M7213 0.4 wallpaper
2695PV8ADIPY2009SO LOW 40M7220 15 1.1 wallpaper
2696SP6FJSP2005SO LOW 40M72 wallpaper
2697XQ5HGDCE2021SO LOW 40M7021 3.2 wallpaper
2698N9HDEW02020SO LOW 40M700.2 wallpaper
2699YF3CXBYB2020SO LOW 40M7020 3.5 wallpaper
2700KC0RPSW02019SO LOW 40M701.2 wallpaper
2927 results found
  Page 27 of 30  

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