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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
10601UR2RNGES1983SO HIGH 10M8417  wallpaper
10602JA1ELJA11972SO HIGH 10M84  
10603DJ1FCDL1985SO HIGH 10M80 wallpaper
10604JA7FGHJA71968SO HIGH 10M80  
10605JA1QBGJA11965SO HIGH 10M80  
10606JA1WCJA11959SO HIGH 10M80  
10607GM3CSMGM1952SO HIGH 10M80    
10608W0BRAW01950SO HIGH 10M80    
10609JA3RBCJA31986SO HIGH 10M76 wallpaper
10610OH5ZAOH2018SO HIGH 10M (C)720.8OH1ZAAwallpaper
10611TA3ECTA2014SO HIGH 10M720.5 wallpaper
10612OM3DXOM2007SO HIGH 10M720.3 wallpaper
10613EU6DXEU1998SO HIGH 10M72 wallpaper
10614JE8TRUJA81986SO HIGH 10M72 wallpaper
10615PY6KRPY1984SO HIGH 10M72 wallpaper
10616UA6ARXUA-61982SO HIGH 10M64 wallpaper
10617JA1FOJA11985SO HIGH 10M60 wallpaper
10618OZ7AXOZ1955SO HIGH 10M60  
10619EA7BHOEA2012SO HIGH 10M540.4 wallpaper
10620OK2ABUOKOM1975SO HIGH 10M54  
10621OH1XAOH1970SO HIGH 10M54  
10622UB5KUTUR1965SO HIGH 10M54  
10623W4EEOW41950SO HIGH 10M54    
10624LU1IBLLU2014SO HIGH 10M490.1 wallpaper
10625RZ9YFUA92007SO HIGH 10M490.3 wallpaper
10626VU2BRVU2021SO HIGH 10M481.7 wallpaper
10627JA7KMJA71984SO HIGH 10M48 wallpaper
10628WB3JGPW31978SO HIGH 10M48 wallpaper
10629VE3BBHVE31975SO HIGH 10M48  
10630UB5BFSUR1962SO HIGH 10M48  
10631YC2VEJYB2020SO HIGH 10M (C)4515.8 wallpaper
10632JF2LTHJA21979SO HIGH 10M42 wallpaper
10633SP9ADUSP1976SO HIGH 10M42 wallpaper
10634SP9ZDSP1975SO HIGH 10M42  
10635JA1AKHJA11960SO HIGH 10M42  
10636UA9CRRUA91984SO HIGH 10M40 wallpaper
10637YB2VMCYB2017SO HIGH 10M360.2 wallpaper
10638JE1TTOJA11988SO HIGH 10M36 wallpaper
10639KA1ZKIW21988SO HIGH 10M36 wallpaper
10640JK1LRHJA11983SO HIGH 10M36 wallpaper
10641TF3SFTF1949SO HIGH 10M36        
10642SM0JXASM1986SO HIGH 10M28 wallpaper
10643W6RGGW61965SO HIGH 10M25  
10644VE2AEWVE21956SO HIGH 10M25  
10645UA4LLUA-42012SO HIGH 10M240.5 wallpaper
10646VU3SPDVU2012SO HIGH 10M240.4  
10647EA2IFEA2010SO HIGH 10M24 wallpaper
10648PU1LSWPY2008SO HIGH 10M24 wallpaper
10649JG1WRNJA11977SO HIGH 10M24 wallpaper
10650W8GLCW81973SO HIGH 10M24  
10651W6UFJW61959SO HIGH 10M24  
10652W0RVSW01949SO HIGH 10M24        
10653W9BZBW91949SO HIGH 10M24        
10654HP1ELVHP2021SO HIGH 10M200.6 wallpaper
10655OH7SXOH1975SO HIGH 10M18  
10656JA1AYOJA11959SO HIGH 10M18  
10657OG2NOH2014SO HIGH 10M16 wallpaper
10658W1MXW12014SO HIGH 10M160.1KT1Dwallpaper
10659JA9CWJJA91983SO HIGH 10M16 wallpaper
10660KZ5DEKZ51949SO HIGH 10M16    
10661VE3NDVE31949SO HIGH 10M16        
10662DH0GDSDL2008SO HIGH 10M150.1 wallpaper
10663W5ZFSW51954SO HIGH 10M15        
10664W6NJUW61952SO HIGH 10M15    
10665LU7MAOLU1975SO HIGH 10M12  
10666W9AQWW91965SO HIGH 10M12  
10667JA1HKPJA11964SO HIGH 10M12  
10668W5ZFSW51953SO HIGH 10M12        
10669DL1YADL1952SO HIGH 10M12    
10670KE1BYL/6W62009SO HIGH 10M10 wallpaper
10671KL0PGKL2000SO HIGH 10M8 wallpaper
10672OH2UVOH1950SO HIGH 10M8    
10673UY5QZUR2018SO HIGH 10M60.2 wallpaper
10674NQ0IW02013SO HIGH 10M6 wallpaper
10675KO3QW31999SO HIGH 10M6 wallpaper
10676JA9CWJJA91990SO HIGH 10M6 wallpaper
10677KB1KAW11988SO HIGH 10M6 wallpaper
10678JE6NPAJA61985SO HIGH 10M6 wallpaper
10679YO3JUYO1981SO HIGH 10M6 wallpaper
10680JA7ZTIJA71980SO HIGH 10M6 wallpaper
10681VE3MZVE31949SO HIGH 10M6        
10682KM6FEFW62021SO HIGH 10M40.1 wallpaper
10683RB5IOVUR1975SO HIGH 10M2  
10684FF8PG6W1949SO HIGH 10M0        
10684 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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