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RankCallYearCtyCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
9901BA3MC2019BYSO HIGH 20M110 14 3.4 
9902K4BGV2014W4SO HIGH 20M108 1.1 
9903JA7JH1962JA7SO HIGH 20M108   
9904JR2BDF1977JA2SO HIGH 20M105  
9905UR2EG1975ESSO HIGH 20M105   
9906SM5CAQ1961SMSO HIGH 20M105 15   
9907OZ4EDR1958OZSO HIGH 20M104 13   
9908OH5QX1957OHSO HIGH 20M104 13   
9909OH2BAK1983OHSO HIGH 20M100  
9910VK2RA1963VKSO HIGH 20M99   
9911SM7CAB1960SMSO HIGH 20M99   
9912SM5DLR1975SMSO HIGH 20M98   
9913JR1BAS2009JA1SO HIGH 20M96 0.1 
9914IW1GGN2008ISO HIGH 20M96  
9915VK2EHF1985VKSO HIGH 20M96  
9916WA0YSK1971W0SO HIGH 20M96   
9917SP9KAO1958SPSO HIGH 20M96   
9918SP2UUU1998SPSO HIGH 20M90  
9919DM3YA1965DLSO HIGH 20M90   
9920JA8FO1962JA8SO HIGH 20M90   
9921DJ2IR1959DLSO HIGH 20M90   
9922PA0NIR1959PASO HIGH 20M90 10   
9923OX3GG1951OXSO HIGH 20M90     
9924OH2IG1962OHSO HIGH 20M88   
9925DM3KFD1957DLSO HIGH 20M88   
9926PA0AU1954PASO HIGH 20M88         
9927OK2SL1951OKOMSO HIGH 20M88     
9928SM6V2010SMSO HIGH 20M84 10 0.4 
9929OH2BFS1975OHSO HIGH 20M84   
9930JA3AVO1970JA3SO HIGH 20M84   
9931W9PNE1954W9SO HIGH 20M81         
9932OH0NF1965OH0SO HIGH 20M80   
9933W1HOL1954W1SO HIGH 20M75         
9934VK4JBY2018VKSO HIGH 20M72 0.8 
9935IW1GGN2007ISO HIGH 20M72 0.2 
9936K9GDF1983W9SO HIGH 20M72  
9937SP1II1976SPSO HIGH 20M72  
9938OK3CDP1962OKOMSO HIGH 20M72   
9939K2DEM1955W2SO HIGH 20M72   
9940LA9T1954LASO HIGH 20M72         
9941VK9XG2005VK9XSO HIGH 20M70 10 W0YG
9942JH1FJK1985JA1SO HIGH 20M64  
9943SM5BLH1965SMSO HIGH 20M64   
9944DM2COL1965DLSO HIGH 20M63   
9945PA0PRF1958PASO HIGH 20M63   
9946W7DLR1961W7SO HIGH 20M60   
9947EA6BM1969EA6SO HIGH 20M57   
9948UR4QZZ2018URSO HIGH 20M56 0.2 
9949W7CKW2017W7SO HIGH 20M56 0.6 
9950YU1SF1969YUSO HIGH 20M56   
9951JA6JAV1975JA6SO HIGH 20M55   
9952W1DLP/41987W4SO HIGH 20M54  
9953JA1RDP1977JA1SO HIGH 20M54  
9954YU1AG1964YUSO HIGH 20M54   
9955UA0KUA1961RA0SO HIGH 20M54 17   
9956W2DSU1949W2SO HIGH 20M54         
9957F9XE1985FSO HIGH 20M48  
9958OZ1AXG1981OZSO HIGH 20M48  
9959JA1BEE1962JA1SO HIGH 20M48   
9960PY1CPL1974PYSO HIGH 20M45   
9961W2TXB1950W2SO HIGH 20M45     
9962OZ3SK1976OZSO HIGH 20M42  
9963JA1RDP1974JA1SO HIGH 20M42   
9964OH5PC1974OHSO HIGH 20M42   
9965JA2AIR1966JA2SO HIGH 20M42   
9966PA0ZV1954PASO HIGH 20M42         
9967DF1PAW2002DLSO HIGH 20M36  
9968K4GCR1976W4SO HIGH 20M36  
9969SP9KDE1967SPSO HIGH 20M36   
9970SM6DVZ1975SMSO HIGH 20M35   
9971OH2GC1960OHSO HIGH 20M35   
9972OH6NV2019OHSO HIGH 20M30 0.1 
9973W0VB2017W0SO HIGH 20M30 0.7 
9974W3GN1993W3SO HIGH 20M30  
9975OH3NY1961OHSO HIGH 20M30   
9976VE3API1952VE3SO HIGH 20M30     
9977F8TM1950FSO HIGH 20M30     
9978OH2FS1960OHSO HIGH 20M28   
9979W6BYH1952W6SO HIGH 20M27     
9980OH8VU1978OHSO HIGH 20M25  
9981UR5WMM2019URSO HIGH 20M24 0.2 
9982OH6IO2017OHSO HIGH 20M ©24 0.2  
9983VE4AA1990VE4SO HIGH 20M24  
9984JA1ZSX1978JA1SO HIGH 20M24  
9985VE4AA1976VE4SO HIGH 20M24  
9986OY2Z1954OYSO HIGH 20M24         
9987YV5AK1953YVSO HIGH 20M24         
9988KP4DRB2018KP4SO HIGH 20M22 0.9  
9989DL2AMD2010DLSO HIGH 20M18  
9990JG3WCZ2008JA3SO HIGH 20M18 0.1 
9991I1ARU1949ISO HIGH 20M18     
9992UA3AM1964UA-3SO HIGH 20M16   
9993OA4AI1956OASO HIGH 20M16   
9994SM5PW1952SMSO HIGH 20M16     
9995OK2BBJ1979OKOMSO HIGH 20M15  
9996JA3AVO1997JA3SO HIGH 20M12  
9997W3FQE1987W3SO HIGH 20M12  
9998JK1LRH1978JA1SO HIGH 20M12  
9999WA2JAM1960W2SO HIGH 20M12   
10000JA8GR1961JA8SO HIGH 20M  

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