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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
901RB5RZUR1989SO QRP 10M23412  wallpaper
902EC4AAEA2020SO QRP 10M23022 1.7 wallpaper
903EW6BNEU2015SO QRP 10M23011 1.6 wallpaper
904WF7BSRW72012SO QRP 10M22010 1.0 wallpaper
905EA4CUEA2004SO QRP 10M210 wallpaper
906OE3VETOE2015SO QRP 10M2041.4 wallpaper
907VU3PUAVU2021SO QRP 10M2001.6 wallpaper
908ES7GTES1999SO QRP 10M19214 12  wallpaper
909PU2VORPY2016SO QRP 10M18214 1.2 wallpaper
910US5VXUR2015SO QRP 10M1820.1 wallpaper
911PY2EJPY2010SO QRP 10M1820.3 wallpaper
912WB0IWG/3W32006SO QRP 10M18211 2.9 wallpaper
913N0JKW02021SO QRP 10M (C)1760.3 wallpaper
914KG7WZW72012SO QRP 10M17010 0.6 wallpaper
915KM4NKOW42015SO QRP 10M (R)1680.5 wallpaper
916KH6CP/W3W31981SO QRP 10M165 wallpaper
917HA3FTHA2016SO QRP 10M16129 16 3.2 wallpaper
918EA8/OH0XXEA82021SO QRP 10M1600.8 wallpaper
919JA1XUUJA12011SO QRP 10M160 wallpaper
920VE7EKSVE71986SO QRP 10M153 wallpaper
921JQ1AWCJA12001SO QRP 10M150 wallpaper
922PU2TRXPY2018SO QRP 10M14425 2.2 wallpaper
923JA4DQXJA42017SO QRP 10M1441.0  
924VE7EKSVE71993SO QRP 10M144 wallpaper
925ON3DION2021SO QRP 10M1400.8 wallpaper
926VR2ZQZVR2007SO QRP 10M14024 11 0.6 wallpaper
927KD7HDPW72003SO QRP 10M140 wallpaper
928JA5NSRJA52021SO QRP 10M1350.5 wallpaper
929F5ULF2011SO QRP 10M1320.5 wallpaper
930JR1USUJA12011SO QRP 10M1200.2 wallpaper
931JL3OXR/1JA12009SO QRP 10M1120.2 wallpaper
932W1TEF/4W42015SO QRP 10M110 wallpaper
933UR3ABMUR2016SO QRP 10M (C)1002.1  
934OK2ACMOK2002SO QRP 10M10012  wallpaper
935PT2EBRPY2013SO QRP 10M9013 2.8 wallpaper
936UT5DAUR1997SO QRP 10M84 wallpaper
937JE1BQEJA11986SO QRP 10M81 wallpaper
938BH2RFQBY2015SO QRP 10M802.3 wallpaper
939DX9MDU2019SO QRP 10M (C)720.84F9AMwallpaper
940OE50WWLOE2005SO QRP 10M7213 OE4WWLwallpaper
941HP1DCPHP2016SO QRP 10M (C)660.7 wallpaper
942F4FEYF2008SO QRP 10M640.1 wallpaper
943JF2KUUJA21985SO QRP 10M64 wallpaper
944JA5NSRJA52019SO QRP 10M630.4 wallpaper
945PU8RFLPY2017SO QRP 10M (R)6330 3.0 wallpaper
946YC3BLJYB2017SO QRP 10M (C)631.0 wallpaper
947VR2YAKVR2016SO QRP 10M604.5  
9489Z4A9Y2016SO QRP 10M561.1 wallpaper
949RA9MUUA92005SO QRP 10M54 wallpaper
9503Z3ZSP2018SO QRP 10M491.3SQ3ETwallpaper
951A41OFA42012SO QRP 10M490.3 wallpaper
952KE0WPAW02019SO QRP 10M (R)480.3 wallpaper
953NP3VKP42020SO QRP 10M (C)360.1 wallpaper
954DM5CQ/MDL2016SO QRP 10M3612 3.2 wallpaper
955WB0IWG/3W31995SO QRP 10M36 wallpaper
956KC9YDNW92014SO QRP 10M351.0 wallpaper
957SQ8ALSP2015SO QRP 10M301.1 wallpaper
958SQ9OZMSP2013SO QRP 10M (R)300.2 wallpaper
959YY5PMRYV2003SO QRP 10M27 wallpaper
960N3NTFW32014SO QRP 10M240.6 wallpaper
961VP9/AG2AAVP92013SO QRP 10M (C)240.4 wallpaper
962M3KXZG2012SO QRP 10M240.1 wallpaper
963N0JKW02009SO QRP 10M20 wallpaper
964EA7KJGEA2021SO QRP 10M (R)160.1 wallpaper
965VR2HKSVR2019SO QRP 10M161.0VR2UNGwallpaper
9669W2ORB9M22014SO QRP 10M160.7 wallpaper
9679G2HO9G2019SO QRP 10M (C)150.69G5SAwallpaper
968DJ1YFKDL2019SO QRP 10M150.1 wallpaper
969JG1NCL/6JA62021SO QRP 10M120.1 wallpaper
970VK1MFVK2021SO QRP 10M (R)120.1 wallpaper
971XE2MWYXE2021SO QRP 10M (C)120.7 wallpaper
972OH1MNOH2019SO QRP 10M101.3 wallpaper
973ER3BABER2004SO QRP 10M10 wallpaper
974VK2RVK2021SO QRP 10M60.1VK2IOwallpaper
975YG3FAPYB2021SO QRP 10M60.1 wallpaper
976UK/JE1RZRUK2016SO QRP 10M6  
977DD2TTDL2015SO QRP 10M60.2 wallpaper
978JK1FUPJA12013SO QRP 10M6 wallpaper
979KC2JRQW22013SO QRP 10M6  
980PY2BNPY2013SO QRP 10M6 wallpaper
981KH6IDF/7W72012SO QRP 10M60.2 wallpaper
982K6MIW62001SO QRP 10M6 wallpaper
983AB1HDW12011SO QRP 10M4 wallpaper
984DF0TXDL2020SO QRP 10M20.1DL7ATwallpaper
985DJ9ASDL2020SO QRP 10M20.1 wallpaper
986M7GVSG2020SO QRP 10M20.1 wallpaper
987OE3TKAOE2020SO QRP 10M20.1 wallpaper
988CT5KDNCT2012SO QRP 10M20.3 wallpaper
989K1NUNW12011SO QRP 10M2 wallpaper
990G1WSA/PG2021SO QRP 10M (C)00.1 wallpaper
991PU2TRXPY2017SO QRP 10M060 10 11 5.4 wallpaper
992K7FAW72016SO QRP 10M0 wallpaper
993OM150MSOM2013SO QRP 10M0OM6ATwallpaper
994OM3KHTOM2013SO QRP 10M0OM6ATwallpaper
994 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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