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RankCallYearCtyCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
7301SM1DJI1981SMSO HIGH 15M186 11   
7302JI1JCN1987JA1SO HIGH 15M180 12   
7303DM5YVL1975DMSO HIGH 15M180 15 13   
7304KN2MBX1958W2SO HIGH 15M180   
7305OH3PF1976OHSO HIGH 15M168   
7306JA9XBW1985JA9SO HIGH 15M165   
7307UT5FG1964URSO HIGH 15M153 13   
7308JA0HC1997JA0SO HIGH 15M150 10   
7309K6JGN1957W6SO HIGH 15M150   
7310JA0FVU2016JA0SO HIGH 15M144 0.3  
7311JO7GVC2016JA7SO HIGH 15M144 0.7 
7312WF6B/72012W7SO HIGH 15M144 22 1.2 
7313JA6BFI1978JA6SO HIGH 15M144   
7314W7MH1975W7SO HIGH 15M144   
7315UA3ND1968UA-3SO HIGH 15M144 16   
7316W3MDO1954W3SO HIGH 15M144         
7317ZL1HY1952ZLSO HIGH 15M144     
7318OH2RD1966OHSO HIGH 15M143   
7319UK4FAA1975UA-4SO HIGH 15M140 10   
7320W9WWJ1955W9SO HIGH 15M140   
7321JA1XRH1968JA1SO HIGH 15M135   
7322JA6YAF1965JA6SO HIGH 15M132   
7323KN6JIV1955W6SO HIGH 15M130 15   
7324SM2DPB1964SMSO HIGH 15M128   
7325OM2BJR1968OKOMSO HIGH 15M126 14   
7326F8HO1961FSO HIGH 15M126 14   
7327OH2BWM1980OHSO HIGH 15M120 15 10   
7328JE1WIH1978JA1SO HIGH 15M120   
7329K8AEB1958W8SO HIGH 15M120   
7330KN7AHK1957W7SO HIGH 15M120   
7331W2EYZ1952W2SO HIGH 15M120     
7332OK3CEG1970OKOMSO HIGH 15M118 18 13 14   
7333OH2EF1969OHSO HIGH 15M114   
7334JA9UU1962JA9SO HIGH 15M110   
7335KN6LJU1958W6SO HIGH 15M110 11   
7336OH3XC1965OHSO HIGH 15M99   
7337OZ3LI1963OZSO HIGH 15M96 12   
7338SP3AOT1990SPSO HIGH 15M91   
7339SM6DJI/11979SMSO HIGH 15M90   
7340OH1VP1975OHSO HIGH 15M90   
7341WN0GTJ1973W0SO HIGH 15M90   
7342LA9ZV1984LASO HIGH 15M84 11   
7343OK2ABU1975OKOMSO HIGH 15M84   
7344UB5TQ1964URSO HIGH 15M84   
7345JE8KKX/21990JA2SO HIGH 15M80   
7346JK1LRH1978JA1SO HIGH 15M80   
7347VE3ADM1952VE3SO HIGH 15M80     
7348W5VRI1952W5SO HIGH 15M80     
7349W6FAY1952W6SO HIGH 15M80     
7350K4APN1957W4SO HIGH 15M77   
7351PA3EJW1987PASO HIGH 15M72   
7352JA4ZU1974JA4SO HIGH 15M72   
7353SP2GL1969SPSO HIGH 15M72   
7354W2JB1963W2SO HIGH 15M66   
7355OH2RD1968OHSO HIGH 15M64   
7356DF2RG1983DLSO HIGH 15M63   
7357ON4CE1963ONSO HIGH 15M63   
7358JA6AKV1977JA6SO HIGH 15M60 10   
7359KH6BZM1970KH6SO HIGH 15M60   
7360XE1PJ1954XESO HIGH 15M56         
7361JO3EVM2011JA3SO HIGH 15M54 0.2 
7362JR7ASU1980JA7SO HIGH 15M54   
7363JA6YVF1976JA6SO HIGH 15M52   
7364JA7MGH1977JA7SO HIGH 15M48   
7365WA8EAS1969W8SO HIGH 15M48   
7366UX3IT2016URSO HIGH 15M45 0.5 
7367JE4QJP1985JA4SO HIGH 15M42   
7368KA2GIS1979W2SO HIGH 15M42   
7369SP9DTH1975SPSO HIGH 15M42   
7370JA0DFJ1967JA0SO HIGH 15M42   
7371LZ1ZF1980LZSO HIGH 15M36   
7372JE1RAM1974JA1SO HIGH 15M36   
7373WN7TMD1972W7SO HIGH 15M35   
7374JA7ZTI1980JA7SO HIGH 15M30   
7375JA1UPO1965JA1SO HIGH 15M30   
7376WN2DDR1967W2SO HIGH 15M28   
7377K4FW2012W4SO HIGH 15M24 0.1  
7378JR2IGV1988JA2SO HIGH 15M24   
7379W9YCV1983W9SO HIGH 15M24   
7380OH3TA1976OHSO HIGH 15M24   
7381SM5AFI1954SMSO HIGH 15M24         
7382KA8JQX1981W8SO HIGH 15M20   
7383N6IH1978W6SO HIGH 15M20   
7384VK5NLC1977VKSO HIGH 15M18   
7385BA5FB2009BYSO HIGH 15M16   
7386JR3FXN1973JA3SO HIGH 15M16   
7387KN0EEO1956W0SO HIGH 15M14 11   
7388OH7UV1974OHSO HIGH 15M12   
7389WN0CTQ1971W0SO HIGH 15M12   
7390KN0DQI1956W0SO HIGH 15M12   
7391JA1IZZ2014JA1SO HIGH 15M 
7392JK1NSR1980JA1SO HIGH 15M  
7393WA2LCC1975W2SO HIGH 15M  
7394G4ZKJ1992GSO HIGH 15M  
7395JO3LCO/31989JA3SO HIGH 15M  
7396OH3GG1976OHSO HIGH 15M  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and/or are not eligible for awards.

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