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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
5201W3HWEW31960SO HIGH 10M43215   
5202SM7QYSM1955SO HIGH 10M42517 16   
5203W5COW52013SO HIGH 10M (C)42012 0.8 wallpaper
5204PY2SHIPY1981SO HIGH 10M42014  wallpaper
5205DM2CXNDL1971SO HIGH 10M42010   
5206PY2BJOPY1959SO HIGH 10M42028   
5207F8DFF1957SO HIGH 10M41814   
5208WA4WIPW41965SO HIGH 10M40818   
5209UQ2GKQYL1987SO HIGH 10M40515  wallpaper
5210UA3PBUA-31987SO HIGH 10M39911 11  wallpaper
5211JA9BVJA91980SO HIGH 10M39919  wallpaper
5212K4HPRW41963SO HIGH 10M39910 10   
5213G3HTWG1957SO HIGH 10M39633   
5214KK9VW92009SO HIGH 10M39213 1.3 wallpaper
5215JA7ERJJA71996SO HIGH 10M38014  wallpaper
5216JH8UQJJA81996SO HIGH 10M37815  wallpaper
5217WD8DKJW81978SO HIGH 10M37813  wallpaper
5218DM2BHGDL1966SO HIGH 10M37810   
5219W1NLMW11950SO HIGH 10M374    
5220UW3AUUA-31966SO HIGH 10M36811   
5221W5CEGW51955SO HIGH 10M36415   
5222W2EHQW21950SO HIGH 10M364    
5223K6OPIW61957SO HIGH 10M36112 10   
5224SM5COPSM2003SO HIGH 10M360 wallpaper
5225OH2OWOH1961SO HIGH 10M36012   
5226W2NHHW21949SO HIGH 10M360        
5227W1OBWW11949SO HIGH 10M357        
5228G3WPG1955SO HIGH 10M35216   
5229AX3KSVK1988SO HIGH 10M351 wallpaper
5230RB5GMUR1984SO HIGH 10M35010  wallpaper
5231UY5LKUR1966SO HIGH 10M35021 11   
5232UB5ZELUR1986SO HIGH 10M34522 11  wallpaper
5233YF3FBVYB2019SO HIGH 10M3406.0 wallpaper
5234SP6JUSP1958SO HIGH 10M33628   
5235W3EH/2W22016SO HIGH 10M32410 3.8 wallpaper
5236PV8AAPY2011SO HIGH 10M32411 0.1PV8DXwallpaper
5237LA1VLLA1979SO HIGH 10M32215  wallpaper
5238OH3IF/2OH1972SO HIGH 10M322  
5239OK2ABUOK2016SO HIGH 10M32020 12 3.9 wallpaper
5240JA5JGVJA52018SO HIGH 10M31210 4.2 wallpaper
5241G3WPG1956SO HIGH 10M304  
5242W5BVXW51956SO HIGH 10M30422   
5243F8NSF1955SO HIGH 10M30020   
5244SM0MRPSM1985SO HIGH 10M29414 10  wallpaper
5245SM3ASTSM1959SO HIGH 10M28911 11   
5246OH0NCOH01957SO HIGH 10M28824   
5247Y31KKDM1983SO HIGH 10M286 wallpaper
5248UP2BSDLY1990SO HIGH 10M28519  wallpaper
5249W0IUBW01951SO HIGH 10M282    
5250WA0VBWW01973SO HIGH 10M28020   
5251K8BNRW81958SO HIGH 10M28030 23   
5252G3WPG1968SO HIGH 10M27623   
5253JA1AATJA11986SO HIGH 10M273 wallpaper
5254WB2NDRW21975SO HIGH 10M27310   
5255RA6AMHUA-61981SO HIGH 10M270 wallpaper
5256DM2AEBDL1957SO HIGH 10M27018   
5257W0ARHW01949SO HIGH 10M270        
5258W3AP/7W71991SO HIGH 10M266 wallpaper
5259YU2LLYU1985SO HIGH 10M26417  wallpaper
5260UA6APUUA-61985SO HIGH 10M260 wallpaper
5261DM3YEADM1979SO HIGH 10M25622  wallpaper
5262JR6LPJA61979SO HIGH 10M25622  wallpaper
5263K5FUVW51978SO HIGH 10M254 wallpaper
5264N4LZW42013SO HIGH 10M2520.5 wallpaper
5265SP3IBSSP1990SO HIGH 10M25211  wallpaper
5266RA3AIFUA-31973SO HIGH 10M252  
5267OK1CXOKOM1969SO HIGH 10M25214   
5268JA1BLZJA11960SO HIGH 10M252  
5269OK3CGPOKOM1974SO HIGH 10M24311   
5270SP3IBSSP1988SO HIGH 10M24010  wallpaper
5271K1IIKW11974SO HIGH 10M240  
5272DM4YULDM1977SO HIGH 10M238 wallpaper
5273EA7FVIEA1986SO HIGH 10M234 wallpaper
5274JA0VHIJA01983SO HIGH 10M232 wallpaper
5275JA3AYXJA31987SO HIGH 10M231 wallpaper
5276JH1OHZJA11987SO HIGH 10M23110  wallpaper
5277UR2RCUES1976SO HIGH 10M23115  wallpaper
5278K1LWIW11975SO HIGH 10M23110   
5279W9LWDW91951SO HIGH 10M221    
5280LA9TLA1949SO HIGH 10M217        
5281YB3DXGYB2021SO HIGH 10M21611 2.4 wallpaper
5282JA4AQR/5JA51988SO HIGH 10M216 wallpaper
5283EW3LNEU2019SO HIGH 10M21010 11.0 wallpaper
5284JA1GHRJA12020SO HIGH 10M2090.7 wallpaper
5285K9UQNW91970SO HIGH 10M208  
5286DJ5GWDL1967SO HIGH 10M208  
5287UA3QBGUA-31973SO HIGH 10M20713   
5288UP2DOLY1968SO HIGH 10M200  
5289K2YFEW21961SO HIGH 10M20016   
5290W1PLJW11956SO HIGH 10M20011   
5291UR2JLES1976SO HIGH 10M19813  wallpaper
5292UC2WJEU1968SO HIGH 10M198  
5293YO5TRYO1967SO HIGH 10M19810   
5294AD7AFW72015SO HIGH 10M1950.7 wallpaper
5295DU1RBDU2021SO HIGH 10M19212 2.9  
5296OK1AWOKOM1956SO HIGH 10M191  
5297SM6CENSM1972SO HIGH 10M187  
5298VE3VETVE31991SO HIGH 10M180 wallpaper
5299RA3LBUA-31986SO HIGH 10M180 wallpaper
5300OK3ZWXOKOM1981SO HIGH 10M18012  wallpaper
5417 results found
  Page 53 of 55  

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