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47881 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
47201WB5FMAW51973SO HIGH ALL525111011  
47202OH3MUOH1971SO HIGH ALL52525615  
47203DM2AVADL1968SO HIGH ALL52530516  
47204DM2BPODL1967SO HIGH ALL52523718  
47205VE7AHGVE71952SO HIGH ALL525 1110  
47206JH1NXUJA12006SO HIGH ALL52217911 
47207PA3CNIPA1983SO HIGH ALL520121111 
47208W4DRKW41952SO HIGH ALL520 911  
47209JH7BDSJA71978SO HIGH ALL5181386 
47210OF2RDOH1967SO HIGH ALL516171114  
47211W6RAW72021SO HIGH ALL513119102.3 
47212SP6LKSP1967SO HIGH ALL51324514  
47213W8PNW81989SO HIGH ALL5121288 
47214UL7TAUN1975SO HIGH ALL51212610  
47215UA1KMFUA-11963SO HIGH ALL51010710  
47216WG7XW72016SO HIGH ALL5061310122.2  
47217SM0LTCSM1980SO HIGH ALL50622814 
47218YO8RLYO1951SO HIGH ALL506 616  
47219K4AENW42018SO HIGH ALL5041311132.2 
47220PY4MNFPY1989SO HIGH ALL5041099 
47221DK1RVDL1988SO HIGH ALL504211311 
47222YO7KFEYO1970SO HIGH ALL50426714  
47223JA1BCPJA11961SO HIGH ALL5041868  
47224GM2TGM2009SO HIGH ALL500215150.8MM0CCC
47225A61AOA61999SO HIGH ALL500141213 
47226OK2KZROKOM1975SO HIGH ALL50015713  
47227DL1MDDL1974SO HIGH ALL5001569  
47228W0JZXW01951SO HIGH ALL500 1312  
47229DA1HIDL1948SO HIGH ALL500     
47230W6KUTW61948SO HIGH ALL500     
47231JN2AMDJA21991SO HIGH ALL4961388 
47232UC2BBEU1964SO HIGH ALL49613610  
47233DL7LXDL2021SO HIGH ALL49517561.4 
47234SM7BDKSM1952SO HIGH ALL495 312  
47235SP3RBGSP2016SO HIGH ALL494109101.9 
47236FD1LBGF1986SO HIGH ALL49415712 
47237EA3WLEA1978SO HIGH ALL49410910 
47238K3FDW31978SO HIGH ALL49410169 
47239OH2RDOH1959SO HIGH ALL494171115  
47240LA3LCLA1954SO HIGH ALL494     
47241JR2BJEJA22013SO HIGH ALL493117101.0 
47242W6EJAW61972SO HIGH ALL4921466  
47243JF1HJZJA12016SO HIGH ALL4902518173.7 
47244OH2RWOH1957SO HIGH ALL48815910  
47245K3WWTW32017SO HIGH ALL48610993.0  
47246JH7BMUJA72016SO HIGH ALL4869991.3 
47247KB2HUNW21989SO HIGH ALL48614810 
47248JA7JTJA71981SO HIGH ALL486999 
47249W5CEWW51949SO HIGH ALL486     
47250UB5KEQUR1969SO HIGH ALL48421813  
47251SP2FAPSP1978SO HIGH ALL483111011 
47252OE1HOE2014SO HIGH ALL48014780.6OE1TKW
47253PY3UAPY2010SO HIGH ALL48014660.6 
47254OK2BSGOKOM1978SO HIGH ALL4801279 
47255K7MOKW71974SO HIGH ALL4801566  
47256K8OYGW81974SO HIGH ALL4801578  
47257VA5SAMVE52005SO HIGH ALL4761089 
47258DM3SFDL1963SO HIGH ALL4762468  
47259PA0HYPA1962SO HIGH ALL47622710  
47260CR7AYC91948SO HIGH ALL476     
47261N1RYW12000SO HIGH ALL47513811 
47262JA2AJAJA21971SO HIGH ALL4732977  
47263JA2OZIJA21973SO HIGH ALL472391011  
47264W3FDJW31949SO HIGH ALL465     
47265UT8IVUR2014SO HIGH ALL4641613167.5 
47266W9HCXW91956SO HIGH ALL4641368  
47267JA2EGJA21974SO HIGH ALL4621186  
47268UR2RAXES1970SO HIGH ALL46224615  
47269W0DBNW01951SO HIGH ALL462 1111  
47270OE1AWOE1948SO HIGH ALL462     
47271N9CXW82021SO HIGH ALL4601110101.3 
47272US0VAUR2021SO HIGH ALL4601510101.3 
47273CU2APCU2017SO HIGH ALL4601110101.3  
47274DM2DQNDL1969SO HIGH ALL46013812  
47275VU2LJVU1951SO HIGH ALL460 1010  
47276DA5DVDL1948SO HIGH ALL460     
47277SP3PLDSP2017SO HIGH ALL459218196.3SP3IBM
47278JF1UOWJA12012SO HIGH ALL45920630.8 
47279UA9SHUA91964SO HIGH ALL4591198  
47280UA1PHUA-11962SO HIGH ALL45616613  
47281K8LOW82012SO HIGH ALL450126120.4  
47282YU2RJQYU1976SO HIGH ALL4501555 
47283UP2BJQLY1982SO HIGH ALL4441366 
47284JH0BQXJA01976SO HIGH ALL4431798 
47285W5XDW52018SO HIGH ALL44211891.1 
47286YO5LUYO1966SO HIGH ALL4421089  
47287W4UWSW41964SO HIGH ALL44210710  
47288JA0BOPJA01976SO HIGH ALL4411885 
47289W7PRFW71970SO HIGH ALL441211110  
47290G3XYFG2018SO HIGH ALL (C)4401010101.1 
47291W2KKZW22007SO HIGH ALL4402410121.2 
47292DM2BJBDL1968SO HIGH ALL44024515  
47293OF2BIOOH1967SO HIGH ALL44025614  
47294HB9UDHB1964SO HIGH ALL44012812  
47295OH5TMOH1961SO HIGH ALL44025614  
47296UA3RRUA-31967SO HIGH ALL437141013  
47297SP6AEGSP2011SO HIGH ALL43511780.5 
47298OK1OOOKOM1966SO HIGH ALL4341477  
47299CX1OPCX1961SO HIGH ALL4341977  
47300DL1KWKDL2016SO HIGH ALL432108102.5  
47881 results found
  Page 473 of 479  

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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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