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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4301TA4PRTA2018SO LOW 20M1260.4 wallpaper
4302JE1GZBJA12020SO LOW 20M1200.4 wallpaper
4303JA1AVI/1JA12019SO LOW 20M12012 0.7 wallpaper
4304W5QLFW52017SO LOW 20M1200.7 wallpaper
4305YO7BGBYO2009SO LOW 20M1200.2 wallpaper
4306EA4WDEA2006SO LOW 20M11715 1.9 wallpaper
4307JF7VVLJA71999SO LOW 20M117 wallpaper
4308JR5YBH/5JA52008SO LOW 20M11419 10 1.4 wallpaper
4309EA3FHPEA2007SO LOW 20M11010 0.5 wallpaper
4310W7JMMW72021SO LOW 20M10821 1.6 wallpaper
4311SM6VSM2009SO LOW 20M1080.3SM6VAOwallpaper
4312JL6USDJA62021SO LOW 20M (C)1050.2 wallpaper
4313KK6TVW62019SO LOW 20M1040.5  
4314UT5ZYUR2006SO LOW 20M10013 11 3.5 wallpaper
4315AF8CW82005SO LOW 20M10013 10  wallpaper
4316JI1FDFJA12005SO LOW 20M10019 16 19  wallpaper
4317PA1KWPA2005SO LOW 20M10019 12  wallpaper
4318PY3CGXPY2004SO LOW 20M10013  wallpaper
4319EA8AJWEA82003SO LOW 20M10073 11 21  wallpaper
4320XE1LXE2003SO LOW 20M100127 26 58  wallpaper
4321DL5RCWDL2002SO LOW 20M10041 25  wallpaper
4322LZ7VMLZ2021SO LOW 20M (C)992.3 wallpaper
4323JO1JKHJA12018SO LOW 20M992.3 wallpaper
4324JA3DAYJA32021SO LOW 20M9612 0.7 wallpaper
4325YC1ELPYB2017SO LOW 20M960.4 wallpaper
4326BH1FXNBY2016SO LOW 20M9617 1.8 wallpaper
4327KM7NW72016SO LOW 20M960.1 wallpaper
4328JA3HPDJA31997SO LOW 20M96 wallpaper
4329YU1SZYT2008SO LOW 20M9242 17 29 1.5 wallpaper
4330K4DQPW42021SO LOW 20M900.3 wallpaper
4331VA7FMRVE72017SO LOW 20M9014 2.1 wallpaper
4332IK4XCLI2016SO LOW 20M880.2  
4333RV1ZTUA-12016SO LOW 20M881.2 wallpaper
4334YO4TLYO2015SO LOW 20M880.2 wallpaper
43359M8DEN9M62020SO LOW 20M840.4 wallpaper
4336KH6/AH2YKH62018SO LOW 20M841.2 wallpaper
4337JJ0OAPJA02014SO LOW 20M841.2 wallpaper
4338ON4LGON2009SO LOW 20M8445 21 2.5 wallpaper
4339IZ5OVPI2012SO LOW 20M8112 0.8  
43404S7NI4S2004SO LOW 20M81 wallpaper
4341SP9HXASP1996SO LOW 20M80 wallpaper
4342VP8DOI/MMMM2016SO LOW 20M750.6 wallpaper
4343DL9ZWGDL2019SO LOW 20M720.5  
4344UA1AUWUA-12019SO LOW 20M (C)720.5  
4345KA2AEYW22018SO LOW 20M7211 1.2 wallpaper
4346UA3LGUA-32017SO LOW 20M720.1 wallpaper
4347N7ZUFW72016SO LOW 20M (C)720.1 wallpaper
4348LA7TOLA2009SO LOW 20M7211 0.7 wallpaper
4349CT1AGFCT2015SO LOW 20M700.3 wallpaper
4350JR7ASOJA72018SO LOW 20M640.8 wallpaper
4351WB3CIIW32016SO LOW 20M631.0 wallpaper
4352BH4XDZBY2020SO LOW 20M6010 0.7 wallpaper
4353IW3SOQI2017SO LOW 20M6018 4.0 wallpaper
4354SM6NJKSM2021SO LOW 20M560.8 wallpaper
4355SM4GRPSM2020SO LOW 20M561.6 wallpaper
4356KL2ZZKL2015SO LOW 20M551.5 wallpaper
4357LZ1RNLZ2010SO LOW 20M540.1 wallpaper
4358RX3AUUA-32007SO LOW 20M540.1 wallpaper
4359VU2TOVU2018SO LOW 20M (C)490.3 wallpaper
4360PD1RPPA2015SO LOW 20M490.2 wallpaper
4361UA4SBZUA-42003SO LOW 20M4910  wallpaper
4362JF0GDSJA02015SO LOW 20M480.4 wallpaper
4363PD0NMFPA2013SO LOW 20M480.2 wallpaper
4364EA7BFEA2019SO LOW 20M420.2 wallpaper
43654S7NI4S2005SO LOW 20M42 wallpaper
4366JR4ISKJA42003SO LOW 20M42 wallpaper
4367JA1POSJA11993SO LOW 20M42 wallpaper
4368BG2KAJBY2020SO LOW 20M4010 0.8 wallpaper
4369JH9BWCJA92015SO LOW 20M400.6  
4370HP1XZQHP1995SO LOW 20M40 wallpaper
4371W7KBW72020SO LOW 20M360.8 wallpaper
4372RK6ATQUA-62018SO LOW 20M360.2 wallpaper
4373YO7AWZYO2011SO LOW 20M360.1 wallpaper
4374OK1AUPOK2019SO LOW 20M350.1 wallpaper
4375AL3HKL2008SO LOW 20M35 wallpaper
4376BD4IJBY2012SO LOW 20M320.1 wallpaper
4377BV3UNBV2021SO LOW 20M300.5 wallpaper
4378AI6ZVW62019SO LOW 20M301.4 wallpaper
4379JO1JKHJA12019SO LOW 20M301.2 wallpaper
4380LZ1YELZ1993SO LOW 20M30 wallpaper
4381JG3EHDJA32020SO LOW 20M (C)280.6 wallpaper
4382K8ANMW72019SO LOW 20M280.3 wallpaper
4383JN4THOJA42018SO LOW 20M270.2 wallpaper
4384N2ALE/6W61994SO LOW 20M25 wallpaper
4385BG6AHDBY2018SO LOW 20M241.3 wallpaper
4386VK6RTVK2018SO LOW 20M (C)24VK6SMKwallpaper
4387JH9BWCJA92016SO LOW 20M24 wallpaper
4388UA6ARTUA-62014SO LOW 20M240.1 wallpaper
4389XE1AYXE2012SO LOW 20M24 wallpaper
4390SC300VLSM2007SO LOW 20M240.18S6Twallpaper
4391K1VSJW11995SO LOW 20M24 wallpaper
4392RA4WUA-42019SO LOW 20M221.7  
4393UX7QDUR2016SO LOW 20M200.8  
4394N2TNNW42021SO LOW 20M183.4 wallpaper
4395KX6IW62020SO LOW 20M160.5 wallpaper
4396VU2TOVU2020SO LOW 20M (C)160.1 wallpaper
4397I4UULI2014SO LOW 20M16 wallpaper
4398EI/G2YCEI2013SO LOW 20M (C)16G2YCwallpaper
4399KG6OW72019SO LOW 20M150.1  
4400OK2UQOK2002SO LOW 20M15 wallpaper
4430 results found
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