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4221 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
4001NN7SSW72018SO LOW 15M43212480.3K6UFO
4002DO2MOGDL2022SO LOW 15M42915561.3 
4003JA2QPDJA22018SO LOW 15M425147102.7 
4004JH1NXUJA11991SO LOW 15M42511710 
4005F8FLKF2021SO LOW 15M (C)42020342.1 
4006JA6QDUJA61996SO LOW 15M420481218 
4007JH9BWCJA92006SO LOW 15M418121093.3 
4008JA9XATJA91994SO LOW 15M41811910 
4009JG2QUMJA22012SO LOW 15M41612580.8 
4010IK4WMHI2018SO LOW 15M41426330.9 
4011JF7VVLJA72018SO LOW 15M (C)40815891.5 
4012YO9HGYO2017SO LOW 15M (C)40519692.9 
4013PS7DXPY2020SO LOW 15M40012884.4 
4014EY7BJEY2009SO LOW 15M40018460.6 
4015SP6LUVSP2019SO LOW 15M (C)3991110110.6 
4016W6KNBW62010SO LOW 15M39010670.4 
4017JA0DOWJA01999SO LOW 15M3901087 
4018JN1DNVJA12021SO LOW 15M38416660.9 
4019YD3YGYYB2021SO LOW 15M38415794.3 
4020K5MBAW52020SO LOW 15M38426662.7 
4021VP5/N4KEVP51996SO LOW 15M3751078 
4022BI8CCJBY2022SO LOW 15M (R)36410580.5 
40239M6YBG9M62017SO LOW 15M36316650.3 
4024HB9AFHHB2017SO LOW 15M361139101.7  
4025JE1HTVJA12016SO LOW 15M36012780.5 
4026RA3ZOMUA-32007SO LOW 15M3602617231.4 
4027JA2MOGJA22020SO LOW 15M35013680.4 
4028YG3DKZYB2017SO LOW 15M3509682.1 
4029OH2MZAOH2016SO LOW 15M35011590.2OH1ZAA
4030JA8NSF/1JA12021SO LOW 15M34511870.8 
4031JF3QJRJA32022SO LOW 15M32513581.1 
4032JJ1HHJJA12014SO LOW 15M32010880.8 
4033RW4MUA-42016SO LOW 15M3128670.7 
4034JA0CJKJA01994SO LOW 15M3081077 
4035JP1EHCJA12020SO LOW 15M30010783.8 
4036HC1JQHC2015SO LOW 15M3008781.8 
4037JJ2RONJA22010SO LOW 15M3001166 
4038BH4LFGBY2022SO LOW 15M28515783.8 
4039RA2FXUA22017SO LOW 15M28511782.3 
4040JF1PYJJA12012SO LOW 15M28014770.7 
4041JL7FBVJA72006SO LOW 15M2741554 
4042BD4JVBY2021SO LOW 15M2708870.6 
4043DF5CKDL2020SO LOW 15M27018321.7 
4044K9MCKW92016SO LOW 15M2702210176.1 
4045PY1CMTPY2005SO LOW 15M2702099 
4046PY2NMPY2018SO LOW 15M26612681.9 
4047KE1R/5W52011SO LOW 15M26610770.7 
4048VK7GNVK2014SO LOW 15M26010580.7 
4049JA3RAZJA32017SO LOW 15M2562715171.0 
4050OM3TRTOM2012SO LOW 15M25615790.9  
4051RN3DKEUA-32017SO LOW 15M (C)255144111.1 
4052YD3TSJYB2021SO LOW 15M25217592.6 
4053G1RVDG2020SO LOW 15M2521881010.5 
4054JH1XOQJA12005SO LOW 15M2521066 
4055YO4BSMYO2002SO LOW 15M247767 
40567K4TKBJA12022SO LOW 15M2428471.6 
4057PY2VCPPY2018SO LOW 15M24011782.2 
4058JH1CFVJA12016SO LOW 15M2408550.9 
4059RN3ZUA-32016SO LOW 15M240168122.2 
4060JP1EHCJA12013SO LOW 15M2408782.6 
4061K9QHW92003SO LOW 15M234767 
4062SQ3GNASP2003SO LOW 15M232591019 
4063HB9AOFHB2016SO LOW 15M2319560.9  
4064JA1LKYJA12018SO LOW 15M22813663.9 
4065YD8UYJYB2017SO LOW 15M (R)22510781.0 
4066CX3DXCX2015SO LOW 15M22529874.1  
4067YO2CJXYO2010SO LOW 15M22514360.5 
4068K5MBAW52021SO LOW 15M22417772.2 
4069DV1UBYDU2008SO LOW 15M2245411173.1 
4070JI1LAIJA12009SO LOW 15M221767 
4071RU9CDUA92009SO LOW 15M2219580.2 
4072JA7ARWJA72013SO LOW 15M2208561.2  
40733B8/SM6GOR3B82012SO LOW 15M220349132.9  
4074JP1EHCJA12010SO LOW 15M216857 
4075DJ6XBDL2021SO LOW 15M21010431.1 
4076JH4PUSJA42021SO LOW 15M21011550.5 
4077BI4VIPBY2019SO LOW 15M21019466.4 
4078JP1EHCJA12015SO LOW 15M (C)2107772.1 
4079IV3XZGI2010SO LOW 15M21013550.7 
4080W3EHW22017SO LOW 15M2097470.5 
4081AE7DWW72015SO LOW 15M1988471.1 
4082JF7VVLJA72017SO LOW 15M (C)19610681.6 
4083OK1APYOK2016SO LOW 15M19576710.1 
4084DK4REXDL2013SO LOW 15M19511671.7 
4085W5VDMW52009SO LOW 15M1881068 
4086PU7ASPPY2019SO LOW 15M (C)18211771.9 
4087EW2EOEU2009SO LOW 15M1807570.5 
4088RA0CDFUA02004SO LOW 15M1801757 
4089UA1CBMUA-12016SO LOW 15M176175112.3  
4090PY7YLPY2000SO LOW 15M176656 
40917L1ILEJA11992SO LOW 15M170855 
4092N6BHXW62021SO LOW 15M (C)16812571.5 
4093JN1DNVJA12018SO LOW 15M1688571.0 
4094JG0GGIJA02012SO LOW 15M1682411101.6 
4095JJ0OAPJA02012SO LOW 15M1658780.4 
4096JA1AVI/1JA12016SO LOW 15M16214542.1 
4097JA4RMXJA42020SO LOW 15M1537540.6 
4098JH1OJVJA12022SO LOW 15M (C)1505550.5 
4099HL5JCBHL2015SO LOW 15M15012780.6 
4100JR2AAN/2JA22010SO LOW 15M1507550.2 
4221 results found
  Page 41 of 43  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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