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3607 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
3501HC0EHC2019SO HIGH 160M76148114.4 
3502OK1AJJOKOM1972SO HIGH 160M721126  
3503OK1MHSOKOM1971SO HIGH 160M721226  
3504VE7AKIVE71962SO HIGH 160M72633  
3505OK1VGOKOM1959SO HIGH 160M721235  
3506W3AS/7W72008SO HIGH 160M704430.1 
3507EZ6ACBUA-61981SO HIGH 160M701034 
3508OL6ASQ/POKOM1974SO HIGH 160M70828  
3509K7IDXW71971SO HIGH 160M702043  
3510W2EQS/9W91973SO HIGH 160M644544  
3511OL7AOCOKOM1970SO HIGH 160M642126  
3512OK1AVYOKOM1967SO HIGH 160M641226  
3513K0GTW02007SO HIGH 160M63443 
3514I2FUMI1992SO HIGH 160M63827 
3515OL3AXSOKOM1978SO HIGH 160M63925 
3516OL8CHIOKOM1976SO HIGH 160M631225 
3517OK2PFVOKOM1973SO HIGH 160M63925  
3518JH1LKHJA11976SO HIGH 160M60433 
3519JA3AAJA31973SO HIGH 160M60633  
35209M2AX9M21991SO HIGH 160M56534 
3521OK1AROOKOM1974SO HIGH 160M561825  
3522OK1AIJOKOM1973SO HIGH 160M561025  
3523OL9CDPOKOM1973SO HIGH 160M561125  
3524OK2BCNOKOM1963SO HIGH 160M551223  
3525OL8CJMOKOM1977SO HIGH 160M541124 
3526OL8CCHOKOM1973SO HIGH 160M541724  
3527VK6HDVK1972SO HIGH 160M54433  
3528OK1AESOKOM1968SO HIGH 160M511712  
3529W7VSW72012SO HIGH 160M483330.2 
3530JA5EZIJA52001SO HIGH 160M481066 
3531UA2FCWUA21983SO HIGH 160M48544 
3532JA9BOHJA91976SO HIGH 160M45323 
3533SP6AEGSP2006SO HIGH 160M424340.7 
3534UA9OSUA92006SO HIGH 160M427341.2 
35355W1MM5W1994SO HIGH 160M42434JR6FIP
3536OK3CAAOKOM1980SO HIGH 160M42824 
3537JH2IRHJA21976SO HIGH 160M42433 
3538JH1LKHJA11975SO HIGH 160M42333  
3539OK2KBAOKOM1975SO HIGH 160M42616  
3540JA8FBHJA81972SO HIGH 160M42333  
3541WB6NRKW61968SO HIGH 160M421243  
3542PY2SPPY2010SO HIGH 160M40444 
3543JA5DZYJA51989SO HIGH 160M40444 
3544OK1AAZOKOM1961SO HIGH 160M401323  
3545G5MPG1958SO HIGH 160M40626  
3546OK3TDNOKOM1978SO HIGH 160M36624 
3547OL5AWCOKOM1977SO HIGH 160M36624 
3548OL8CCSOKOM1974SO HIGH 160M36624  
3549K8UDJW81971SO HIGH 160M36333  
3550JA1RQAJA11969SO HIGH 160M361122  
3551SP6AEGSP2002SO HIGH 160M35434 
3552OK2PDNOKOM1970SO HIGH 160M35625  
3553W6KWEW61969SO HIGH 160M352143  
3554W7DRAW72014SO HIGH 160M (C)323220.2 
3555W8BARW81963SO HIGH 160M32522  
3556JA1FGBJA12016SO HIGH 160M305330.9 
3557PY1BVYPY2000SO HIGH 160M30533 
3558UB5EQGUR1989SO HIGH 160M30824 
3559OL2VAHOKOM1981SO HIGH 160M30524 
3560OK1AIJOKOM1974SO HIGH 160M30624  
3561OK2PDNOKOM1971SO HIGH 160M301124  
3562W6JTB/6W61964SO HIGH 160M302032  
3563JH7BDSJA72022SO HIGH 160M285221.1 
35649M2AX9M21975SO HIGH 160M261311  
3565OM4KWOM2019SO HIGH 160M (C)253230.1  
3566UA0FERUA01982SO HIGH 160M252511 
3567YV5IALYV2015SO HIGH 160M245151.0 
3568KH6BZFKH61975SO HIGH 160M24411  
3569OL8CAGOKOM1971SO HIGH 160M241124  
3570OK1HASOKOM1970SO HIGH 160M24515  
3571WA2LDXW21970SO HIGH 160M24322  
3572OK1KNGOKOM1962SO HIGH 160M24424  
3573K7EKDW71961SO HIGH 160M241333  
3574W7ZVYW71958SO HIGH 160M241433  
3575SP2YSP2019SO HIGH 160M182120.1 
3576K7UIR/4W42003SO HIGH 160M181542 
3577UA2FBGUA21979SO HIGH 160M18424 
3578OK3CFTOKOM1976SO HIGH 160M18424 
3579LU5EVMLU1972SO HIGH 160M18333  
3580KE8UMW82017SO HIGH 160M164220.3 
3581K7UIRW72009SO HIGH 160M16222 
3582OL2VAGOKOM1981SO HIGH 160M16413 
3583OK2BJJOKOM1968SO HIGH 160M16913  
3584DL1YADL1962SO HIGH 160M16622  
3585W1BBW11959SO HIGH 160M161022  
3586OK1DWJOKOM1985SO HIGH 160M15323 
3587OK1OPTOKOM1979SO HIGH 160M151123 
3588OL0CBHOKOM1973SO HIGH 160M15323  
3589JA0DAEJA01972SO HIGH 160M12222  
3590JA1RQAJA11968SO HIGH 160M12222  
3591YC0LOWYB2011SO HIGH 160M9312 
3592OL8CIIOKOM1977SO HIGH 160M9412 
3593JW0DJW1991SO HIGH 160M8222 
3594UA0LBSUA01979SO HIGH 160M8411 
3595OL5APXOKOM1972SO HIGH 160M81322  
3596OK1DWJOK2019SO HIGH 160M61110.1 
3597JA1AAVJA11985SO HIGH 160M6311 
3598OZ9MMOZ1982SO HIGH 160M6212 
3599VK5KOVK1964SO HIGH 160M6111  
3600VK5KOVK1970SO HIGH 160M5323  
3607 results found
  Page 36 of 37  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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