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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
101UA4CPWUA-41988SO QRP 160M7,486141731 
102RA2FBUA22013SO QRP 160M7,4391687367.6 
103G4CWHG2004SO QRP 160M7,436187638 
104VE3DOVE32005SO QRP 160M7,391207811 
105OM3TLEOM2006SO QRP 160M7,29616564210.0 
1069A704DC9A2016SO QRP 160M (C)7,2451856399.09A4DC
107HA1TIHA2022SO QRP 160M (C)7,20018154023.3 
108OH3BUOH2004SO QRP 160M7,137187534 
109OK2BUZOK2001SO QRP 160M7,120197535 
110OK1MPOKOM1986SO QRP 160M7,000121842 
111HA1TIHA2020SO QRP 160M (C)6,99220253320.8 
112RB5EHLUR1988SO QRP 160M6,916168731 
113OM0TTOM1998SO QRP 160M6,837161835 
1146Y0A6Y2001SO QRP 160M6,831158617K2KW
115UC2WBMEU1984SO QRP 160M6,720180725 
116OK1MPMOK2004SO QRP 160M6,384160636 
117YT2TYT2021SO QRP 160M6,3641447365.9 
118RA9CTKUA91988SO QRP 160M6,27955732 
119OK1DROOKOM1984SO QRP 160M6,194166533 
120OH7FFOH2007SO QRP 160M6,0841675318.4 
121UA3ATYUA-31984SO QRP 160M5,952161725 
122RB4INRUR1991SO QRP 160M5,809126829 
123YO4FRFYO1996SO QRP 160M5,800135634 
124UO5OLWER1985SO QRP 160M5,696157626 
125UO5ODBER1980SO QRP 160M5,684191523 
126LX1NOLX2018SO QRP 160M (C)5,4721504345.3 
127R7NAUA-62014SO QRP 160M5,450968428.5 
128UT5EOUR2013SO QRP 160M5,4451146395.4 
129OK1CZOKOM1992SO QRP 160M5,192116539 
130OH2NCOH2016SO QRP 160M (C)5,1661167358.2 
131HA1TIHA2014SO QRP 160M (C)5,13013753318.2 
132UR5WCQUR1996SO QRP 160M5,125105635 
133K3BUW32005SO QRP 160M4,865741025 
134OK3IAGOKOM1984SO QRP 160M4,800118733 
135RA9CTKUA91996SO QRP 160M4,795124629 
136JA1AAJA11996SO QRP 160M4,752461620 
137UA9WQKUA91993SO QRP 160M4,64689617 
138UM8MAAEX1987SO QRP 160M4,62088721 
139EZ9QAAUA91980SO QRP 160M4,60876816 
140M0ZWWG2020SO QRP 160M4,60111173611.8 
141RA2FBUA22016SO QRP 160M4,5881216313.9 
142UB5IPNUR1981SO QRP 160M4,587120726 
143UB5UGFUR1980SO QRP 160M4,587135627 
144OH8MJOH2020SO QRP 160M (C)4,55012872818.7 
145UA3DTDUA-31982SO QRP 160M4,488107727 
146PE4BASPA2019SO QRP 160M4,400997376.6 
147OK3CXSOKOM1985SO QRP 160M4,323145627 
148UD6DKZ4J1988SO QRP 160M4,30949625 
149OM2ZZOM1995SO QRP 160M4,251110534 
150OM3TJYOM1993SO QRP 160M4,251113534 
151T99TE72001SO QRP 160M4,200127537 
152UB5KBJUR1985SO QRP 160M4,064121626 
153RZ3QWWUA-32016SO QRP 160M4,0591227268.9 
154UO5OJMER1984SO QRP 160M4,056148620 
155UB5WCQUR1989SO QRP 160M3,988133632 
156OK1BKOOKOM1985SO QRP 160M3,944114529 
157RU6MOUA-62014SO QRP 160M3,876956326.3 
158OK3CTQOKOM1984SO QRP 160M3,876112727 
159YT1BDYT2021SO QRP 160M3,827845384.0 
160OK1DSAOKOM1988SO QRP 160M3,740116430 
161UR2RFKES1980SO QRP 160M3,699129522 
162UL7CBMUN1980SO QRP 160M3,42061613 
163OK3CVIOKOM1986SO QRP 160M3,360140525 
164RU2FMUA22005SO QRP 160M3,325105431 
165UB5NBJUR1991SO QRP 160M3,30095726 
166RA9CTKUA91989SO QRP 160M3,250130718 
167RA6LWUA-61990SO QRP 160M3,24082723 
168UA3YBJUA-31984SO QRP 160M3,08170930 
169EW6CUEU2006SO QRP 160M3,08011952316.9 
170DJ3GEDL2008SO QRP 160M3,026983314.4 
171RZ4AAUA-42003SO QRP 160M3,02689529 
172OL6BTNOKOM1988SO QRP 160M3,008117527 
173M0ZWWG2014SO QRP 160M2,99710753214.1 
174OK2PAWOKOM1984SO QRP 160M2,970105426 
175OH3KQOH2016SO QRP 160M2,9459842712.2 
176SP4TBMSP2008SO QRP 160M2,945975263.4 
177UA3XDFUA-31992SO QRP 160M2,93770627 
178SP5SDASP1985SO QRP 160M2,93785627 
179UB5ABZUR1982SO QRP 160M2,91278725 
180UC2WECEU1989SO QRP 160M2,895100522 
181SP3IOESP2021SO QRP 160M2,880996264.1 
182DJ3GEDL2007SO QRP 160M2,848983294.5 
183OK3TLIOKOM1991SO QRP 160M2,842103425 
184UR8GMUR2016SO QRP 160M (C)2,829627345.0  
185YU1AAVYT2004SO QRP 160M2,754479454N1FAN
186UT4UBZUR2020SO QRP 160M2,728905264.2 
187DJ3GEDL2009SO QRP 160M2,700952284.5 
188RA2FBUA22017SO QRP 160M2,688925232.7 
189W2MFW22017SO QRP 160M2,6643311255.7 
190F5VBTF2008SO QRP 160M2,6647753220.3 
191RU6MOUA-62016SO QRP 160M2,640976277.5  
192YO4FRFYO1995SO QRP 160M2,64083330 
193DL5ANDL2015SO QRP 160M2,623616374.7 
194OH9OMOH1981SO QRP 160M2,61365732 
195UA4CBDUA-41988SO QRP 160M2,60463625 
196RA2FBUA22014SO QRP 160M2,584756282.3 
197YO2LIWYO2017SO QRP 160M2,574925343.1 
198UC2WOEU1984SO QRP 160M2,574104616 
199VE3MGYVE32003SO QRP 160M2,56019044 
200OK1KIROKOM1982SO QRP 160M2,560120527 
403 results found
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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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