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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1301IW0EYTI2014SO LOW 160M14415 1.9 wallpaper
1302JH2QMTJA21996SO LOW 160M144 wallpaper
1303JI3BFCJA32003SO LOW 160M14310  wallpaper
1304WB2SIHW22016SO LOW 160M (C)14041 4.4 wallpaper
1305HR2DMRHR2007SO LOW 160M14019 0.9 wallpaper
1306W9IXX/4W42002SO LOW 160M14012  wallpaper
1307WD5BJTW52008SO LOW 160M13213 0.5 wallpaper
1308LU7EELU2003SO LOW 160M13210  wallpaper
1309JK2PNYJA21993SO LOW 160M132 wallpaper
1310DL1WMDL2019SO LOW 160M13011 0.6 wallpaper
1311K7OAW72008SO LOW 160M13012 0.3 wallpaper
1312HP1AVSHP2016SO LOW 160M (C)12012 11 2.4  
1313SN5VSP2016SO LOW 160M11711 10 0.5SQ5EBMwallpaper
1314DL8UAADL2008SO LOW 160M11533 19 1.7 wallpaper
1315BG4AHKBY2019SO LOW 160M11011 1.4 wallpaper
1316K8DOW82000SO LOW 160M11018  wallpaper
1317SQ9DEOSP2019SO LOW 160M10410 9.3 wallpaper
1318N7KNW72017SO LOW 160M1040.7 wallpaper
1319JE4URNJA42019SO LOW 160M1000.6 wallpaper
1320SP9KJSP2006SO LOW 160M10034 24 4.6 wallpaper
1321EA2SWEA2005SO LOW 160M10025 14  wallpaper
1322JE4URNJA42018SO LOW 160M990.2 wallpaper
1323UU8JKUR1997SO LOW 160M99 wallpaper
1324PA2REHPA1994SO LOW 160M99 wallpaper
1325VA3SKVE32016SO LOW 160M (C)981.0 wallpaper
1326SQ9SHRSP2014SO LOW 160M (R)9011 0.4 wallpaper
1327SP2FWCSP2013SO LOW 160M901.3 wallpaper
1328JE4URNJA42020SO LOW 160M880.6 wallpaper
1329JH2QMTJA21994SO LOW 160M8610  wallpaper
1330EU3AAEU2015SO LOW 160M817.6 wallpaper
1331RA9FEUUA-92013SO LOW 160M811.5 wallpaper
1332JE1SPYJA12001SO LOW 160M81 wallpaper
1333VK4KWVK2019SO LOW 160M800.8 wallpaper
1334W7DRAW72019SO LOW 160M (C)800.9 wallpaper
1335IH9YMCIG92020SO LOW 160M7820 3.1 wallpaper
1336LZ3PZLZ2018SO LOW 160M7811 10 3.6 wallpaper
1337JA5JGVJA52003SO LOW 160M77 wallpaper
1338OH1ZAAOH2018SO LOW 160M (C)720.3 wallpaper
1339R7IAUA-62018SO LOW 160M720.8 wallpaper
1340VA3SKVE32017SO LOW 160M720.5  
1341PV8DXPY2016SO LOW 160M700.4 wallpaper
1342VR2ZQZVR2010SO LOW 160M703.4 wallpaper
1343JE2OTMJA22002SO LOW 160M64 wallpaper
1344JH1KLAJA12016SO LOW 160M (C)601.5 wallpaper
1345ON6YHON2016SO LOW 160M601.2  
1346RW3XWUA-32017SO LOW 160M541.2 wallpaper
1347LU1DOWLU1992SO LOW 160M54 wallpaper
1348JA5JGVJA52002SO LOW 160M50 wallpaper
13494X1UF4X2020SO LOW 160M491.3 wallpaper
1350YC1COZYB2009SO LOW 160M49 wallpaper
1351BD7OBBY2020SO LOW 160M484.1  
1352VA2LGQVE22017SO LOW 160M (C)480.2 wallpaper
1353DG3MADL2014SO LOW 160M451.3 wallpaper
1354YO2AQOYO2020SO LOW 160M421.0 wallpaper
1355EI3CTBEI2016SO LOW 160M (C)426.0 wallpaper
1356K6MIW62003SO LOW 160M4211  wallpaper
1357JH8DHVJA82019SO LOW 160M4014 3.1 wallpaper
1358IW0EYTI2013SO LOW 160M (C)400.7 wallpaper
1359OZ6KSOZ2012SO LOW 160M360.3 wallpaper
1360IZ1FRMI2020SO LOW 160M (C)300.2 wallpaper
1361KI7MDW72017SO LOW 160M3020 3.9 wallpaper
1362RX9CBSRA92017SO LOW 160M300.9  
1363K1IBW12004SO LOW 160M30 wallpaper
1364JA5JGVJA51999SO LOW 160M30 wallpaper
1365DU7RHDU2017SO LOW 160M280.1 wallpaper
1366OH2LIROH2017SO LOW 160M (C)280.3 wallpaper
1367DU7RHDU2015SO LOW 160M280.9 wallpaper
1368EA1DFPEA2015SO LOW 160M280.5 wallpaper
1369IZ3FJVI2007SO LOW 160M28 wallpaper
1370WA8MEMW81995SO LOW 160M28 wallpaper
1371IK7XNFI2014SO LOW 160M2613 10 1.8 wallpaper
1372JE1TSDJA12004SO LOW 160M25 wallpaper
1373JA5JGVJA52001SO LOW 160M24 wallpaper
1374W7DRAW72001SO LOW 160M2410  wallpaper
1375JF1GWQJA12017SO LOW 160M1813 2.1  
1376DK8WGDL2016SO LOW 160M180.7  
1377YC1COZYB2008SO LOW 160M180.1 wallpaper
1378KC8IMBW82012SO LOW 160M160.1 wallpaper
1379JJ4CDW/4JA42008SO LOW 160M16 wallpaper
1380PU8TFAPY2007SO LOW 160M16 wallpaper
1381US5WACUR2017SO LOW 160M (R)1317 10 3.8 wallpaper
1382YB3LOJYB2018SO LOW 160M (C)120.2 wallpaper
1383YC1COZYB2010SO LOW 160M12 wallpaper
1384YC0LOWYB2009SO LOW 160M12 wallpaper
1385W8XYW82008SO LOW 160M120.1 wallpaper
1386VK3TZVK2000SO LOW 160M12 wallpaper
1387JL3DQXJA32020SO LOW 160M (C)103.1 wallpaper
1388UA0QGMRA02003SO LOW 160M8 wallpaper
1389RU9UERA92015SO LOW 160M (C)6 wallpaper
1390JH0DNXJA01995SO LOW 160M6 wallpaper
1391JL2PQVJA21994SO LOW 160M6 wallpaper
1392JM2LHBJA22016SO LOW 160M413.0 wallpaper
1393PV8DXPY2015SO LOW 160M20.8 wallpaper
1394JP1ODJJA12001SO LOW 160M2 wallpaper
1395JA0ADYJA01998SO LOW 160M2 wallpaper
1396II1RI2020SO LOW 160M018 10 1.6IW1CBG 
1397YB3LOJYB2020SO LOW 160M00.1 wallpaper
1398YC1YUYB2020SO LOW 160M (C)00.1 wallpaper
1399KL7FAPKL1991SO LOW 160M0 wallpaper
1399 results found
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