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1057 results found
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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsZnCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
901E78TE72021SA LOW 15M2,700559163.2 
902IT9RKRIT92016SA LOW 15M2,6683812174.1 
903OK2TRNOK2016SA LOW 15M2,63232121611.3 
904KN8FW42021SA LOW 15M2,5903216193.4 
905PV8DCPY2021SA LOW 15M2,5844413215.8 
906HA8EVHA2020SA LOW 15M2,5485210183.5 
907YO8SAOYO2021SA LOW 15M2,508569135.1 
908PY2FSRPY2014SA LOW 15M2,4323913195.9 
909IZ4AKOI2012SA LOW 15M2,424389151.6 
910TA1MKTA12022SA LOW 15M2,4184613266.0 
911YF7SPNYB2018SA LOW 15M2,415519126.2 
912VE2NCGVE22018SA LOW 15M (R)2,3313912259.3 
913PV8DCPY2017SA LOW 15M (R)2,322439189.7 
914K6ICSW62019SA LOW 15M2,31836152310.0 
915HS8JYXHS2018SA LOW 15M2,240409193.3 
916YC0RNCYB2019SA LOW 15M2,21142132012.3 
917BH4SCFBY2021SA LOW 15M2,2013914172.4 
918N9VPVW92020SA LOW 15M2,2013010217.8 
9199H/YT7AW9H2022SA LOW 15M2,0653310250.9 
920EA5ASMEA2020SA LOW 15M2,060468124.6 
921JM1EKMJA12016SA LOW 15M2,0403213216.0 
922S52CCS52022SA LOW 15M2,0252711164.2 
923OM0ASAOM2020SA LOW 15M1,96353671.9 
924PU8TAJPY2016SA LOW 15M (R)1,9384811239.6 
925YD3ASVYB2021SA LOW 15M1,92438121410.7 
926PY1KBPY2021SA LOW 15M1,91447101216.4 
927SP5ESSP2012SA LOW 15M1,8912813184.8  
928PY1JRPY2016SA LOW 15M1,890399126.2 
929IT9RKRIT92012SA LOW 15M1,8903811241.9 
930SP2MHCSP2015SA LOW 15M1,8854011184.0 
931ED7CEA2017SA LOW 15M1,860317131.1EA7KJ
932YD3ASVYB2022SA LOW 15M1,8484011136.2 
933JA0DOWJA02022SA LOW 15M1,8002814162.5 
934PY5VEPY2021SA LOW 15M1,746578103.9 
935RZ9UMAUA92015SA LOW 15M1,72598781.0 
936LZ3DJLZ2022SA LOW 15M1,716578188.8 
937JM8GJBJA82018SA LOW 15M1,7163011157.9 
938IK8YFUI2017SA LOW 15M1,683629246.5 
939UA3NFIUA-32016SA LOW 15M1,6752310151.0 
940JA7RQKJA72012SA LOW 15M1,672301091.4 
941G3KAFG2019SA LOW 15M1,6173412215.4 
942BH1LHSBY2013SA LOW 15M1,508227220.9 
943ON7XNON2017SA LOW 15M1,5045512204.4 
944XQ3UPCE2016SA LOW 15M1,4963111115.8XQ7UP
945VK3GFVK2022SA LOW 15M1,4822512142.0 
946ES2TTES2016SA LOW 15M1,4702412186.0 
947PY2GTAPY2020SA LOW 15M1,449227160.8  
948TA4PRTA2019SA LOW 15M1,404248193.4 
949PU2WSQPY2018SA LOW 15M1,404248183.4 
950DL8WXDL2017SA LOW 15M1,40455543.6 
951E71EEEE72012SA LOW 15M1,4003715201.6 
952W9QLW92017SA LOW 15M1,380257162.0 
953E78CBE72010SA LOW 15M1,363349201.9 
954YD2UFRYB2022SA LOW 15M (R)1,298258143.5 
955KF0IQW02016SA LOW 15M1,2881910185.0 
956YC1JELYB2021SA LOW 15M1,2484118219.2 
957BG4CMIBY2017SA LOW 15M1,2482212144.3 
958YO6CFBYO2020SA LOW 15M1,17028873.9 
959DL2MIHDL2015SA LOW 15M1,155208131.8 
960E27AZHS2018SA LOW 15M1,152278164.7HS3PIK 
961JL6LTBJA62013SA LOW 15M1,1312312178.4 
962JK2RCP/1JA22016SA LOW 15M1,1282811132.0 
963PV8ABCPY2019SA LOW 15M1,1252911143.6 
9642E0XARG2017SA LOW 15M1,1042010141.4  
965TF3AOTF2020SA LOW 15M1,080355192.5 
966YD8UYJYB2018SA LOW 15M (R)1,080279116.1 
967E27AZHS2017SA LOW 15M1,05854101311.5HS3PIK
968YC1GDFYB2022SA LOW 15M1,05658173112.6 
969IK5YJKI2017SA LOW 15M1,044318104.1 
970R1NUUA-12019SA LOW 15M1,034268143.5 
971CB3UPCE2018SA LOW 15M1,0202310104.1XQ7UP
972PU1LEOPY2021SA LOW 15M1,012349139.0 
973K5NDW52019SA LOW 15M1,0121610131.9 
974IK5YJKI2016SA LOW 15M1,0122410122.4 
975JM1EKMJA12020SA LOW 15M1,0082611102.0 
976N3TTTW32022SA LOW 15M1,000176140.7 
977RN4AMUA-42012SA LOW 15M1,0001412131.0 
978BH6KWCBY2021SA LOW 15M950337123.0 
979PY4DKPY2018SA LOW 15M9362610163.6 
980G4NXG/MG2016SA LOW 15M936186122.6G4NXG
981PR7AFPY2014SA LOW 15M931188111.0 
982IZ4AKOI2020SA LOW 15M9242011111.1 
983JA1LKYJA12017SA LOW 15M8511911124.0 
984JF2KWMJA22016SA LOW 15M836168143.8 
985BH4BINBY2021SA LOW 15M8204410107.3 
986PA3JEMPA2017SA LOW 15M820278121.8 
987YC0RNCYB2016SA LOW 15M779189103.6 
988ZR2XZS2022SA LOW 15M760224156.5ZS2G
989DO7DSVDL2016SA LOW 15M760168122.1  
990PP5PGPY2019SA LOW 15M75625661.8 
991PU2UJGPY2018SA LOW 15M7563011164.3 
992JM8GJBJA82017SA LOW 15M73616882.8 
993SV7BVMSV2020SA LOW 15M722289105.2 
994RD7KWUA-62018SA LOW 15M704188140.6 
9957L4FCNJA12016SA LOW 15M6823410128.0 
996JA0GSGJA02011SA LOW 15M665189101.3 
997OH2BKXOH2019SA LOW 15M627119101.2 
998PU2NAXPY2019SA LOW 15M620187132.1 
999RA4DXUA-42020SA LOW 15M546129121.1 
1000YD3TSJYB2020SA LOW 15M54420794.8 
1057 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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