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Dec 24

The CQWW Contest committee is busy working on the 2016 logs.

While that is going on, we thought it would be interesting to look at the trend in the single-op, all band, high power category.  Some tell us that this is where the “real” competition is.

This study is limited to Europe and North American, because those two continents represent the majority of entrants.  Please see the table below, which tracks the percent of entrants, by continent, who claimed Assisted.

2010 43% 46%
2011 44% 47%
2012 52% 52%
2013 49% 57%
2014 56% 60%
2015 57% 62%
2016 57% 65%

CQ WW SSB Single Operator Assisted Entries

Nov 8

Just 8.5 days after the end of the 2016 CQ WW DX Contest Phone, we are happy to report that the raw scores for all entries received by 8Nov2016 1200z are available on the web site.


The raw scores are the calculated score before any log checking or other adjustments are made. These scores may not match what you submitted exactly as our country file may be different than yours and you may have some QSOs where the call/country could not be determined.

These are NOT the final results.  Scores may change by 5-10% (or more) depending on the log checking.  Final results will appear in the March 2017 issue of CQ Magazine.

Please send any questions about the raw scores to questions@cqww.com.


May 18

CQ WW Contest Rule XII.A Unsportsmanlike Conduct includes

  1. Signals with excessive bandwidth (e.g., splatter, clicks) or harmonics on other bands.

We often get questions about what we mean by excessive bandwidth. Jukka Klemola, OH6LI, has written an article that helps to illustrate the type of analysis that is possible using the SDR recordings and shows some examples of good and poor signals.

Read the article Signal Quality for CQ WW SSB

Apr 25

We are sorry to report that a significant scoring error was found in the results of the CLASSIC Overlay category for the 2015 CQ WW Contests.  This error affected all three modes; RTTY, SSB and CW.

The scoring error occurred only for those entries that operated beyond the 24 hour limit of the Classic overlay.  The rules permit entrants to keep enjoying the contest, but the Overlay score will only count the first 24 hours of operation. The QSOs and points were correctly counted, but the country and zone multipliers did not stop at the 24 hour limit.  As a result, stations that operated beyond 24 hours received a much higher score than they should have.

The scores for all three modes have been updated in the online database.  More information for each mode is available at:

RTTY – http://www.cqwwrtty.com/results_2015rtty_errata.htm

SSB – http://www.cqww.com/results_2015ssb_errata.htm

CW – http://www.cqww.com/results_2015cw_errata.htm

The biggest changes were in the CW results.  P40W took the Low Power and World High honors.  N2IC/5 was the winner for High Power.

We are very disappointed that a scoring error of this magnitude was not detected before the results were finalized. The log checking software has been updated and we will spend more time on results checking next year.

Thanks to Marko, N5ZO, for spotting the error and bringing it to our attention.


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